Old Hotmail and Live Users Need to Upgrade SkyDrive Storage Manually ?

We posted the news “Microsoft Reduced SkyDrive Storage For New Registered Users”, All old Hotmail and Live users could see the message in their SkyDrive account,  which told users the SkyDrive storage “will keep” 25G storage for all old users.

However, we found the 25G storage seems NOT get automatically, users, including old users, need to upgrade by manually, also in a limited period.

So hurry, login your Hotmail or Live account, and go to your SkyDrive, please look at the left side, you can see now your SkyDrive is Only 7GB free storage, but also you can see the “Manage storage” link.


Click “Manage storage” link, you will see the Storage Management interface, a popup window message:

For a limited time, loyal SkyDrive users can upgrade from 7GB to 25 GB for free.

just simply click “Free upgrade” button:


Soon, you will see the upgrade successfully message:


And, you can see now your storage is really 25GB: