Microsoft Reduced SkyDrive Storage For New Registered Users

Microsoft improved their SkyDrive and integrated SkyDrive into Windows 8 recently. So current SkyDrive is not the old SkyDrive which you might know before.

Sync files between all your computers (now support Windows and Mac machine);
Files on your phone and tablet;
Fetch files from your Windows PC from anywhere;
Secure storage;

According to changes, Microsoft also changed some SkyDrive policy, such as the free storage:

Before, each Hotmail or Live mail user has 25GB free SkyDrive storage. Now, all new registered user will ONLY have 7GB free storage.(However, more than 100 million existing SkyDrive users need not lose out. By logging on to the service now, they can claim a free upgrade to 25GB, which means they don’t lose out.)


Starting today, we are now offering:

7GB free for all new SkyDrive users. We chose 7GB as it provides enough space for over 99% of people to store their entire Office document library and share photos for several years, along with room for growth. To put things in perspective, 99.94% of SkyDrive customers today use 7GB or less – and 7GB is enough for over 20,000 Office documents or 7,000 photos. Since the current base of customers using SkyDrive tilts towards enthusiasts, we are confident that, as we expand the range of people using SkyDrive, this 7GB free limit will prove to be more than enough for even more people.

Ability to upload large files – up to 2GB – and folders using SkyDrive for the Windows desktop or SkyDrive for OS X Lion.

Paid storage plans (+20GB, +50GB, +100GB) so that power users who need more storage can easily add more at competitive prices (US$10/year, US$25/year, US$50/year). Please note that paid-for storage requires the ability to pay by credit card (or via PayPal, in some markets) and a Windows Live ID that can be associated with that credit card or PayPal account.

(from Build Windows 8)

Please read more from SkyDrive official site.