How did I Unlock Nokia Lumia 710 Part 2

(Updated in Feb 28 2016) About How to unlock Phone, we have the serial of articles which wrote in 2013 Aug to Sep. Since some of information is still helpful and valued to current Unlocking a phone, we reviewed old article and updated related information and published again here.

The following content mostly was written in 2013 Sep 1.

How to Unlock Nokia Lumia 710 ?

In Part 1 I have introduced initial information about unlocking Nokia Lumia 710 such as software tools, boot loaders… In this part I am going to introduce the unlock steps which I did:

1:  Change your Nokia Lumia 710 boot loader to Qualcomm boot loader if your phone is using DLOAD boot loader currently. If your phone boot loader is Qualcomm already, you can skip this step.

First I copied the RM803 boot loader files which I downloaded in Part 1 to NssPro subfolder which was …\NssPro_0.54\loaders\special\wp7, you could see we did not need to install NssPro after we downloaded it, we just unzipped it and ran directly.

The RM803 included 2 files: RM803_11w48_prod_raw_nokia_osbl.bin and RM803_12w07_prod_generic_nokia_osbl.esco

How to unlock Nokia phone

Then I ran NssPro.ext with administrator in NssPro main folder:


Clicked Flashing tab and click wp7 tools in Bootloader Tools section on computer, and let your phone go to OSBL mode. In Part 1 we have already told how to get OSBL mode, here let me repeat again: Turn off your Lumia 710, make sure all cables are unplugged.  then holding the volume up button (VOL+) and connect the USB cable to your phone (the USB cable connect PC also). Wait for the phone to vibrate for a short time and then release the VOL+ button.

You will see the NssPro screen looks like the following screen: you can see Nokia USB Connectivity in bottom blank box, if you do not see this information, you might have some steps previously had not worked yet, you have to double check which driver you might have not installed successfully.

Click Install button in wp7 tools, the RM803 boot loader should be installed into your Nokia Lumia 710 with a short time. If you got any error message, please double check any missed steps.

How to Unlock Nokia phone

After all above Installations finished, and you did not see error message, your phone boot loader should be changed to Qualcomm now. Then unplug USB cable, and take out phone battery for several seconds and install back later.

For checking current boot loader, you can go to phone OSBL mode to check, but please note if you see the message asks you format device on computer, please select NO or Cancel, do not format ! and, you know your boot loader must be Qualcomm now if you see this format question, again, DO NOT FORMAT just CANCEL the message!

2: If you have Qualcomm boot loader installed, you can do SIM card unlock now:

Still in NssPro, select Simlocks tab, make sure your phone is in OSML mode (if your phone is not in right mode, you will see NssPro gives you the wrong mode message, or it tries to change mode for you, if it failed, you still see error message, in my case, I saw error message, so I had to manually change my phone to OSML mode)

You choose select wp7 tab in Simlocks window so that you can see Unlock and Restore button, we will use Unlock button to unlock SIM.


If your phone is connecting to PC and it is in right OSLD mode, you can see NAND Disk Drive on NssPro windows, now you can click Unlock button to start the unlock process.

You will have to click 2 times Unlock button, when you click the 1st time, you will see the following message :


By now your phone has actually already SIM unlocked, but we will have to continue to further steps. Please just do the following steps:

– Disconnect USB cable, remove phone battery

– Insert unsupported SIM card into phone and insert back battery, and power one the phone

– If phone asks for PIN code, enter 00000000, if asks for PUK code, enter 0000000000

If you see your phone unlocked successfully, you should unlock the 2nd time to restore the phone to original data, just let your phone in OSBL mode again, connect USB cable and click NssPro Unlock button again, you will see the following screen:


Now your SIM unlock processing done, just ignore other questions which NssPro ask you, you can unplug USB cable now, and take out battery from phone, wait several seconds and put back battery in and power on your phone to normal mode, your phone should be ready to use now.

Done! Good luck!

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