Cancel an Air Canada Booking within 24 Hours

We had a blog article which was about Cancel Air Canada Ticket to Get Credit in 2012. In that article we discussed how to get credit but not get money refund to reduce money lost.

Actually we have more safe option to get back full money if cancel a booking under some condition. The case that we mentioned in previous blog was cancelling booking after 24 hours.

Cancel an Air Canada Booking within 24 Hours of Purchase can Mostly get full refund

Why we mentioned “Mostly” because we are not Air Canada, we just use our case, and due to Air Canada official cancelling policy, we think it should be the truth. But we’d better use the word “mostly” since the “100%” word should be confirmed by Air Canada.

Air Canada publishes their cancelling policy in this page. We can see related description which is about cancelling a booking within 24 hours of purchase.

If you cancel your booking within 24 hours of purchase, we will: refund the price of your ticket and send you a confirmation email, or cancel the payment transaction (no email is sent in this case).

But here we still can not make sure whether we get full refund.

Let’s show you where we can see the “full refund” words:

When you order a flight ticket from Air Canada website, select a ticket (flight) and click continue buttons until you get to the “Review Flight Details” page, you will see “Review the fare rules and the general conditions of carriage” section, in this section, you can see “Cancellations” description, there is one option here:

“Air Canada will provide a full refund without penalty when you cancel a new ticket (i.e. when a new booking is made and you are assigned a booking reference) within 24 hours of purchase.”

Here is the screen shot below:


How to Cancel Air Canada Booking?

The detail Cancel booking procedure had been introduced in the previous blog, the steps are almost the same even 4 years passed. Just start from your Air Canada account and find the Cancel Booking option on the left panel. and do cancelling step by step:image

If you successfully cancel the booking, you should see the successful message:


Note: If you can not understand above content clearly, we suggest you call Air Canada to help you cancel your booking.

Good luck !