Using Google Translate When Reading Online without Switching Tab

When you read an article from website, if the article is written in a language which is not your first language, you often might check online dictionary or online translate software. Since Google Chrome and Microsoft IE or Edge are the top web browsers in the world, so Google’s Translator and Microsoft’s Bing Translator normally are chosen by users so they are more popular than other translate online service. Here we are going to talk about Google’s Translator.


How we have been using Google Translate ?

We can open the Google Translate online service by directly input its URL which is, we can also open the Google Translate through Google Apps group (the nine-dot square) which is on the top right corner of a Chrome web browser.

However, opening a separate tab or window is not convenient enough when we read a longer article from websites. Because we will have to switch tabs or windows constantly if we meet many new vocabulary.

There is also Google Translate plugin

We remembered we had some other translate plugins for web browser had a feature which was when we hover mouse to a word on a web page, it could popup a small window to show the translate content related selected word, which was very convenient to read an article.

So the questions are:

1: Does Google Translate provide web browser plugin ?
2: Can Google Translate plugin translate selected words in a popup small window ?

The answers are definitely YES for both;


How we use Google Translate without switch to Google Translate screen when we reading ?

Our Chrome web browser’s version number is Version 48.0.2564.109 m, so if your Chrome is not the same version, maybe you have different steps compared to our steps below.

Chrome browser now calls extra functions as “Extensions”, we can find Google Translate extension through Extensions options:

Settings –> Extensions –> Get more extensions on the bottom of the setting page:


Search by “translate” keyword, and select Extension type, you will see Google Translate extension which is developed by Google, you might find other Translates with similar names but make sure you select the Google’s one, the click the button “ADD TO CHROME” on the right:


After the installation completed, you will see a Google Translate icon on the top right corner of  your Chrome browser, now you have to adjust its settings for our expect function otherwise it will not work for us:

Right click the icon, select Options,


You come to Google Translate Extension settings, Set “My primary language” to your real primary language which is different with your read article language, if you set a same language, the Google Translate extension can not do a popup translation;


Now you you go to the web page which you want to give translation, select a word, you will see a small Google Translate icon, click the icon, you will see the popup translation window: (If it still does not work, try to restart your Chrome browser);


The Google Translate Extension install and set done. We provide step by step guide so that you might understand how to do easily if you were a computer newbie.