the star Wang zuxian (Joey Wang) has been Buddhist monks and nuns in Canada

Today the family members of ex-movie star, Wang,zuxian (王祖贤, Joey Wang) have confirmed that Wang, zuxian, Qi,Chin’s (齐秦) ex-girlfriend, the old movie “pretty baby” Wang has recently resigned as the Nepalese monks and nuns in the United States. Chin recent ex-boyfriend, said: “Personally, I judge that she will not come out.”

According to a reliable source said that in Canada many years of seclusion Wang, early in June this year in Western Canada, a convert to Buddhism Chinese Buddhist Society, cutting hair for Nepal. News, fans were in shock, but reaction quiet insider. Hong Kong senior Cha, Xiaoxin entertainment reporters yesterday told reporters in a telephone confirmed the news.

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  1. Michael Jackson’s death was a great bombshell for anyone who loves the arts in general, though taking into account his situation it was perhaps not so surprising. The molestation charges brought upon him weighed on him like a ton of bricks. As soon as he started to rely on medicines to just get by, that was the time when there definitely was no way back, in my opinion.

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