The domain name sold at $250K ?!


There is updated news about this story.  I arrange the new stuff after the following old post. then visitor for this post will get to know whole thing clearly.

This is an amazon story ! 4 letter domain name sold at $250K recently!

The buyer is NBC, who owned SciFi Network, want to use replace the This former owner of confirmed this. Please read his article.

$250K is a big number for a 4 letter domain name. However, seems the seller still has something to complain:

To make matters worse, NBCU didn’t even have the balls to approach us themselves. They used a shell company called New Fizz Corp. to buy the SyFy Portal domain name, as well as all of our branding that uses “SyFy” or even “Sy” (or even SFY). That allowed them to buy the brand for $250,000.

That’s right. That is what they paid us to sell our domain name and our brand. A quarter million dollars. How much of a budget hit was that to NBCU? Let’s spell it out again: $16,900,000,000 versus $250,000. That is 0.0014 percent of NBCU’s overall revenue for a brand that they are now using on a major property.

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Actually this is not a real story after I posted this article. The owner of wrote a comment here after he read my post. He said:

      This story is incorrect. We did not sell

      We did a domain name/trademark transfer sale, that involved the SyFy trademark as well as variants “Sy” and “SFY.” The domain name involved was, not

     — Michael Hinman Says:
      July 13th, 2009 at 11:10 am