Windows XP support runs out today

Today,  14 April 2009, it it the start day of Microsoft no more provide mainstream support for windows XP.

Microsoft withdraws mainstream support for Windows XP. However they said that they will continue to provide free security fixes for XP until 2014. But they will not fix any future found bugs in the platform unless customers pay for additional support.

今天可以说是Windows XP退役的日子。因为2009年4月14日起微软不再提供对Windows XP的主流技术支持比如对发现的bug做修补,但是他们承诺继续对安全漏洞做修补。对于免费主流技术支持肯定是不会有了,除非有客户出钱要求提供支持。

The following information is from internet:

Windows XP also continues to be sold with low-cost mini laptops, otherwise known as netbooks, as Vista is too heavy on system resources for this level of hardware.

Microsoft’s mainstream support includes problem resolution over the phone, and covers fixes for security and non-security related issues such as bugs and requests for changes.