Hot Keys of Magnifier in Windows 10

We often use Ctrl + Plus (+) keys to zoom in a web page if font size is too small to be readable. We also know Windows OS provides the similar function to let user change zoom rate. But we believe there are fewer people use it in a Non-Web browser to change zoom rate. The main reason could be: we do not know hot keys, we can not simply use Ctrl + Plus (+) keys or Ctrl + Minus (-) keys to change zoom rate like in web pages.

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IRQL_UNEXPECTED_VALUE Error When Upgrading to Windows 10

Since we installed Windows 7 on our old Dell Studio 1535 laptop, like other Windows users, we also got the Windows 10 upgrading reminder all the time in this year. Recently we realized the free upgrading will be end after July 29, 2016, so we finally accept the Windows 10 upgrading.

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How to Use Cortana on Windows 10 in Canada ?

We know in earlier editions of Windows 10, Canadian could not use Cortana by default since Cortana did not support Canadian English language. About in November of 2015, Microsoft released newer Windows 10 updating edition, which started to support Canada English in Cortana.

However, there are still many Windows 10 users do not know how to enable Cortana module on Windows 10, Because Windows 10 still does not give users a clear and friendly user interface. When we set Cortana, we might always get confusing.

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A Case of Laptop Boots Failed with 0xc0000001 Error Code

There are different cases we get the Error code 0xc0000001, which normally are related hard disk errors.  But, this kinds of disk error could be fixed using some solutions unless you get very critical error.

We got a failure which was from our laptop booting once time with the error code 0xc0000001, after multiple tries which the Windows system prompted. We finally resolved the issue WITHOUT format our computer or re-install Windows system. The following is our handling process. It could be one of your information if you get the same issue with same error code.

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No Internet Access After Upgrading to Windows 10

Some Windows users got a network issue after upgrading Windows 8.1 or 7 to Windows 10: They could not access to internet. The network icon showed limited connection and a message “No Internet access”;

By now, I found the most cases were:

1: Network driver issue in Windows 10, with ONLY wireless network issue;

2: If you installed Hyper-V or other type Virtual Machines on existed Windows 8.1 pro system, you have more chance to get the No-Internet issue;


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