PC Financial Master / Debit Card vs PC Plus Card and PC Point

We mostly know PC bank’s credit card and debit card, when we use PC Master card, we could earn PC Points. For example, when we pay $50 using PC Master card in some grocery store such as Nofrills, we can get 500 PC points, at this case, each $1 get 10 PC Points.

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Hurry! HostGator 4 Hours Hosting 60% OFF with 20% OFF Coupon!

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We just received notify: HostGator has a 4 hours hosting 60% off + 20% off with coupon is LIVING !!

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Sauder For Living Camarin Computer Desk Unboxing

We mentioned Canadian Tire is one choice for shopping furniture in Canada. They have good basic level home furniture such as bookcases, desktops, small tables, stands etc. Here we show a unboxing of a type of computer desk which was from Canadian Tire store.

The following is the screen shot which was from Canada Tire website. The brand name is Sauder, For Living Camarin Computer Desk, it was just on sale when we copied the screen, which was $169.99, but most of time Canadian Tire sold it at regular price which was $249.99.


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How to Buy Item from Best Buy US Website Without US Credit Card

In this year and recent Holidays, There were many stuff on sale with amazing prices on multiple US retainer websites, such as BestBuy.com, Amazon.com, MicrosoftStore.com…etc. Even US dollar was increasing, but those on sale prices were still much better than local countries, such as Canada.

However, most of popular retail stores ONLY ship to the address inside the US, also, they need your billing address is a US address too, this will cause a problem if an non-US customer order an item from their website, because the billing address must match your credit card address information.

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How to Search for Items ONLY Ships from and Sold by Amazon ?

Some people only purchase the items what are shipped from and sold by Amazon, because there are many sellers on Amazon,  not all online sellers can guarantee they provide good customer services including return, exchange; even some sellers promise they have good service, but the buyers still think the returning process is not easy compared with a physical store, so, those buyers only trust Amazon, What they purchased from Amazon, they believe mostly will be good enough, and if even they have to return, but the seller is Amazon, it should be OK.

OK, Now let’s learn how to search for those items which only sold by and shipped from Amazon:

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Cash back Website Ebates Introduction

People are changing shopping way from visiting physical stores to online stores. There have been lots of online shopping related businesses came together. The online cash back is the one of them, when you purchased items from a online retail store, some smart businesses acted as multiple retail stores’ affiliate partner, they posted selling links to public, if buyers click the affiliate link to buy items from retail store, these affiliate partner will get commissions from retail stores.

Ebates, is the one of affiliate partners, but unlike common affiliate program candidates, when Ebates get commissions from retail stores, they will share part of commission to the real buyers. That is a very smart idea, more and more buyers want to via Ebates to do online shopping, so they could get some cash back.


(You can click above button to register Ebates for free and get $5 welcome bonus)

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The HomeDepot Canada Website Links

The following links are ONLY for Canadian Homedepot website:

1: RSS:


2: Monthly Special Buy:


Actually you might use the word “hdevt-June2013offshelf” to search

3: Clearance:

(Note: they said Clearance but what you will see might NOT clearance items)




How to BUY on WagJag

Maybe somebody like me, never used Group purchase website, so I never known how to “BUY” thing from those website like Groupon, Wagjag.

Actually, please note those group purchase website normally NO REAL ITEM for selling, they ONLY sell something like coupons, vouchers, and, you have to redeem the coupon or voucher to get real item by yourself – this is the experience when I used WagJag recently.

I almost did not know I should redeem the voucher by myself, and I almost missed the email with the voucher that WagJag sent to me after I ordered something several days later.

So, if you are also newbie for WagJag, Please following the following steps:

1: First you visit WagJag website to look at one or more deals, if you want to buy, there is a “Buy For $xx” button you can click;

2: If you have not registered on WagJag, you need to register first;

3: You follow all steps for this purchase such as billing address, your credit card information etc. Unfortunately by I write this post, WagJag has not support PayPal yet;

4: After you done the purchase process, you will receive an Email to confirm your order, however you have to know WagJag just sent for confirmation, the deal will not be activate until enough people sign up the deal, and your credit card will only be charged if the group is big enough to activate the deal ;

5:  Maybe you have to wait several hours to several days, you will receive another email with voucher, and you have to visit WagJag website and login your account, and print out the voucher from your account to go to store to buy real item, or if the item can be purchased online, you do not need to print the voucher, just input voucher number on the target website directly to get real item;


Then, input your information like name, address, email…



The whole purchase process is done now.

Nothing But the Web: Google Chromebooks Released Today

You can buy Google Chromebook (laptop) from store directly today because Samsung Chromebook released today.


By now , seems you have to buy from BestBuy and Amazon USA.

From Amazon:

1: Samsung Series 5 3G Chromebook (Titan Silvr) $499.99

2: Samsung Series 5 3G Chromebook (Titan Silver) $499.99

3: Samsung Series 5 Wi-Fi Chromebook (Titan Silver) $429.99

4: Samsung Series 5 Wi-Fi Chromebook (Arctic White) $429.99

5: Acer AC700 Chromebook (3G) $429.99

6: Samsung Series 5 3G Chromebook (Arctic White) $499.99