Error Code 404 When Android Phones Download or Update Apps from Google Play Store

Update 03: (Fixed) 2018 Feb 06. East time 10:30pm. After our testing. the Huawei Mate 9 pro can download and update apps from Google Play Store stably. So it looks like the 404 error code has been fixed by Google.

Please check Google Play official comment. it indicates the issue is handled by Google. Since Google Play Store is back to normal status, so the phone users do not need to do anything.

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Top Canadian Mobile Phone Companies with Their Parent Companies

There are multiple mobile phone companies in Canada. Some of mobile companies change names time to time, also some of mobile companies shut down business, or, some of them were acquired by other bigger companies. So maybe you are confused so much: Which one is exactly a mobile company when you meet a new mobile company ? Is there any parent company beyond them ?

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Move All Photos from Old Phone to New Phone Android and iPhone

If you have a new phone, no matter an Android phone or an iPhone, the one of ‘big’ tasks for switching phone is how to copy all photos from old phone to the new phone.There are multiple ways to implement it. but Google recommends an official solution.

Google provides Google Photos service with apps, actually Google Photos works on laptop too. You can download Google Photos app from here.

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What is .FFU File ?

If you use Windows system usually, you should have known some file format such as .wim, .vhd or .vhdx;

But maybe you have chance of meeting the file .ffu recently, and you might realize you can not get enough information from Google search to know the .FFU file information.

Actually, .FFU file is more known by those Windows IoT developer, they download Windows 10 IoT Core package, and they will see .FFU file on the computer folder.


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How To Top Up 7-Eleven Speakout Phone Number

If you have few phone calls you can buy a 7-Eleven Speakout (711 Speakout) Cell phone service which is a prepaid plan, it also allows you just purchase $20 but you can keep your cell phone service in one year if you will not use your phone services exceed $20, this is different with other phone service providers who do not allow you hold your $20 account up to one year but maybe only 1 month or 3 months. So this is why there were lots of people bought 711 Speakout plan.

You can either go to a 7-Eleven store to purchase a voucher or top up your phone number online.

Here we give the steps which is online way.

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Nokia Lumia 900 Software Update Is Released Three Days Earlier

Nokia Lumia 900 windows phone has a known software issue that lead to disconnection for data communication. Nokia promised they would provide software update in April 16 and also offer $100 to each AT&T customer in USA and Rogers customer in Canada.

A little while after the Lumia 900 went on sale, we discovered a software issue that can sometimes lead to lost data connectivity. This issue is purely in the phone’s software, and isn’t related to the phone hardware or the network itself.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and as a gesture of goodwill, we are offering a $100 AT&T bill credit to everyone who has already purchased a Nokia Lumia 900 or who will purchase one before April 21st. 

However, Nokia is working fast, the software update package was ready in April 13 already.

If you have already purchased a Lumia 900, you have two options. You can either:

Use Zune to easily update your phone with the latest software today.
Exchange your phone for a new Nokia Lumia
900 at any AT&T store from now until April 21.

The detail information please read Nokia official site here.

Nokia Numia 900 $524.99 CAD ?

Some message from Mobilesyrup and Redflagdeals, seems the Nokia Numia 900 Windows phone will lives on Canada Rogers on April 10, 2012.

Now on Rogers’s website you can pre-order Nokia Numia 900 with 3 years contract at $99.99, but you must choose the one of the following plan list:

200Minutes + 1GB1
+ Unlimited Evenings & Weekdays 6pm – 7am2
Includes all monthly fees ±

200Minutes + 500MB1
+ Unlimited Evenings & Weekdays 9pm – 7am2
Includes all monthly fees ±

300Minutes + 500MB1
+ Unlimited Evenings & Weekdays 9pm – 7am2
Includes all monthly fees

However, Mobilesyrup issued more information about Roger’s prices:


3-year contract price: $99.99
2-year contract price: $424.99
1-year contract price: $474.99
No-term contract price: $524.99

If Roger’s no-term price will be really $524.99, then another telecommunication carrier should adjust the price for their Nokia Numia 800, they are still selling Lumia 800 at $529.99.


The Best Smart Phone in 2012 ?

We don’t know what the best way to compete all kinds of smart phones is, but maybe the one reasonable way to get the result is let people vote.

Laptop Magazine, “As one of the most respected and trusted brands in mobile technology, LAPTOP Magazine & provides executive decision makers, IT professionals, and tech enthusiasts with product reviews, news and tips, trusted buying advice, and helpful how-to information. Our clarity of focus, editorial integrity, and 20 years of industry expertise make us the premiere authority on all things mobile.”, has a annual poll game named  Laptop Magazine Smart Phone Madness Game.

Laptop Magazine’s Smartphone Madness 2012 Game started from March 12, 2012,  In March 30th, Laptop Magazine announced the Smartphone Madness 2012 Finals, in the finals, there are two smart phones left, Do you know what they are ? Maybe you will be surprised. just look at the following chart:


You can see the final tow competitors are Nokia Lumia 900 and Nokia Lumia 710, which are both from Nokia, and both of them use Windows Phone OS.

The final result will come out at April 2, please check their official site here.

From the game 2012, we get to know some interesting information due to people voted:

1: Chinese Huawei Ascend D Quad is better than Apple iPhone 4s ;

2: Samsung Galaxy series is nice, it almost fight to final;

3: The best 2 makes are Nokia and Samsung;

4: Windows Phone OS came later, but looks like it is the best for consumers;

5: How about if iPhone has new models ?

6: We do not need to wait until April 2, Nokia Lumia 900 should be the final king.


Cell Phones Radiation Rank in United States

Recently the World Health Organization has reported that cell phone radiation is "possibly carcinogenic". Also 2 days ago Environment Working Group posted Cell Phones Radiation value list.

Due to their list, we list the High Radiation Rank and Low Radiation Rank as following:


Top 10 High Radiation Cell Pones:

Rank Phone Model Radiation
1 Motorola Bravo (MB520) 1.59 W/kg
2 Motorola Droid 2 Global 1.58 W/kg
3 Palm Pixi 1.56 W/kg
4 Motorola Boost i335 1.55 W/kg
4 Blackberry Bold 9700 1.55 W/kg
4 HTC Magic (T-Mobile myTouch 3G) 1.55 W/kg
4 Motorola i335 1.55 W/kg
8 Motorola W385 1.54 W/kg
8 Motorola Boost i290 1.54 W/kg
10 Motorola CHARM 1.53 W/kg

Top 10 Low Radiation Cell Pones:

Rank Phone Model Radiation
1 LG Quantum 0.35 W/kg
2 Casio EXILIM 0.53 W/kg
3 Pantech Breeze II (P2000) 0.55 W/kg
3 Sanyo Katana II 0.55 W/kg
4 Samsung Mesmerize (Galaxy S) 0.57 W/kg
4 Samsung Fascinate 0.57 W/kg
7 Samsung SGH-a197 0.59 W/kg
8 Samsung Contour (SCH-R250) 0.60 W/kg
8 Samsung Gravity T (SGH-T669) 0.62 W/kg
10 Motorola i890 0.63 W/kg


btw: iPhone models can not be found because they are not in top 10 list,

All other cell phones’ Radiation value please check here.

A Chinese GPS Satellite Tracking Online System

Here is a Chinese GPS Satellite Tracking Online System, which it can track cellphone and locate cellphone in world wide, If you want to try, just input a cellphone number on their website, and click “提交” (Submit)

They provide the following Chinese description , if you want to read please use some online translate system such as Google translator or Bing Translator: