How to Change Microsoft Azure Notification Hub Price Tier

In current edition of Microsoft Azure cloud platform, when we create an Azure Notification Hub, we do not know whether we are going to be charged or not if we use the notification hub later. Because there is no an option or menu to show the price tire information to us in current Microsoft Azure Portal.

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How to Use Cortana on Windows 10 in Canada ?

We know in earlier editions of Windows 10, Canadian could not use Cortana by default since Cortana did not support Canadian English language. About in November of 2015, Microsoft released newer Windows 10 updating edition, which started to support Canada English in Cortana.

However, there are still many Windows 10 users do not know how to enable Cortana module on Windows 10, Because Windows 10 still does not give users a clear and friendly user interface. When we set Cortana, we might always get confusing.

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Microsoft SQL Server Supports Linux

Microsoft announced a new development plan which was about SQL Server on Linux  2 days ago, which was an amazing news to all software developers. They started the plan already. The formal SQL Server on Linux will be released in Mid of 2017.

Microsoft SQL Server is the No. 3 popular database system in the world currently, It is also the No. 1 database system on Windows system. If MS SQL Server will support Linux, We guess it could be the No. 1 popular database in the world which is above Oracle and MySQL;

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