National Work From Home Day in Canada

The famous and maybe biggest Canada Job searching website Workopolis is encouraging people to support June 1 as National Work from Home Day.


In May 25, 2011, just before 1 week of Canada’s Unofficial Work From Home Day,“Workopolis today reveals the results of a new survey showing overwhelming support for the campaign which first got the attention of the Canadian Parliament last November. Given all the benefits associated with teleworking, nine in ten (88 per cent) of Canadian workers agree there should be government support for a nationally recognized day, with over half (52 per cent) strongly agreeing.”

“Work is not a place you go anymore, it’s something that you do and increasingly something for many workers that can be done anytime and from anywhere,” said Gabriel Bouchard, President of Workopolis. “Technology is changing the very nature of work. Forward-thinking employers are waking up to this new reality, changing their approach and seeing the benefits of new smarter working practices, including remote working, which also reduces transportation costs.”

Workopolis also ask people to support Work From Home Day on Facebook  and Twitter


The interesting number is In just five months Workopolis went from having 1,000 supporters to having over 65,000. The idea caught fire in Canadian across the country soon.  They are pushing this social media campaign to reach parliament. We might get the Official National Work From Home day for Canada finally.

Actions for supporting:

Your can learn the people is doing which they showed on Facebook or Twitter. Also, Workopolis has provided “Fun, printable Work From Home Day support tools”:

Washroom Signs:


Mouse Intervention:


WFHD Rationale Poster:


There are more interesting tools, please go to Workopolis site to read details.

The following is Workopolis’s YouTube video: