Where is the Cookie File ?

Here the cookie file is the ‘cookie’ which is generated by web browsers. When we visit websites, we use web browser, no matter your pc web browser, or your mobile phone browser, all browsers normally need a cookie file to store some information on your local pc, but, the web browser need your permit to generate cookie file.

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How to Uninstall IE 9 on Windows 7 ?

There are some reasons which lead you want to uninstall IE9, for example: like us, we found there were some issues when we use IE9, we wanted uninstalling IE9 and install it again to see what would happen.

However, Maybe you have found that uninstalling IE9 on Windows 7 is not simple. Because you can not use a normal uninstalling way to uninstall it, because you can not find IE9 on the installed program list in Control Panel.

Actually you can see the IE 9 on the Windows feature list, but you still can not uninstall it, you can only Disable it:


Even you check off the Internet Explorer 9, the IE9 will be still in system, when you try to install a IE 9 new package, you will find you can not install. because you will see the error message:

Setup can’t continue because a more recent version of Internet Explorer is installed on your computer.


So do we really have method to uninstall IE 9?


1: Go to Control Panel, and open Uninstall a program window


2: Click “View install updates” on the left panel:


3: you will see the window of Uninstall an update (this is not uninstall program, but for update), on the right top Connor search item, you input “internet”, and then you can see Windows Internet 9 displaying under the list:


4: Right click Windows Internet Explorer 9, you can see Uninstall menu,:


so now you will see the process of uninstalling IE9, just follow the step to uninstall.


5: You have to restart your computer after IE 9 uninstall.

res //ieframe.dll/acr_error.htm on IE

Today our Windows 7 system installed 1 upgrade (Windows 7  Automatically upgrade when we turned down computer), we found we could not open IE web browser, but always got the error message:

Internet Explorer has stopped trying to restore this website…

and In the address URL is res //ieframe.dll/acr_error.htm

This is the 1st time on our Windows 7, we will check the solution later…


OK, we come back.

There are different solutions, our solution is simple and works perfect: reset IE.

Close your IE, go to Control Panel…Select Network and Internet:


Select Internet Options:


Select Advanced tab, click Reset button:


Click Reset button:


You will see Windows 7 processes something for you:


Now you open your IE again, you will see IE has already reset, it needs new settings from you.


Now your IE is OK.

A website wants to open web content using TortoiseSVN ?

On our Windows 7 PC, some day when we tried to open IE browser and visit Microsoft Skydrive to add files, we got a popup window and show the message:

A website wants to open web content using this program  on your computer

This program will open outside of Protected mode. Internet Explorer’s Protected mode helps protect your computer. If you do not trust this website, do not open this program.

Name: TortoisSVN

publisher: Stefan Kueng. Open Source Developer


We tried to check on the “Do not show me the warning for this program again” and chosen Don’t allow, but later the popup window still came out.


We solved this program by the following steps:

1: Open TortoiseSVN and chose Settings:


2: Choose Icon Overlays, check on “Show overlays and context menu only in explorer”, and click OK button to save settings;


Then everything will be OK.