How to Add a New Website on DreamHost Shared Hosting 2016

When we purchased DreamHost Shared Hosting, we can add unlimited websites on the hosting as long as you do not use up all arranged resources. When we add a new website, we can either arrange the new website under an existing user (FTP user) or add a new FTP user for the new website, which is the recommended way by DreamHost.

About how to add a FTP user on DreamHost, we mentioned one way in shared hosting unlimited bandwidth was not exact right . Today we are going to have another way in our process of adding a new website.

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Add New FTP User Under an Existing Website to Run Faster on DreamHost

(Updated on Feb 29, 2016) We can consider to add a new FTP user for an existing website if it runs slowly on DreamHost shared hosting and you set multiple websites under the same FTP user.

Shared Hosting is actually limited bandwidth

We all know DreamHost provides unlimited Bandwidth shared hosting. But actually their hosting servers still have a limit called memory cap. Just because there is memory cap, the Bandwidth can not be unlimited. I think most of shared hosting providers have the same limits.

So your hosting bandwidth is actually limited. Normally the memory cap is on the enough high level for most of websites which do not have huge visiting traffic, so you feel the website is under the “unlimited” bandwidth.

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We have already some short DreamHost posts in this website since this website has been hosted on DreamHost longest time compared to it has been hosted on other Hosting services. We do have customer experience to share with other people which we know about DreamHost .

Why chose DreamHost ? used several Hosting services before we moved to DreamHost, then we no more moved. It is hard to tell you exact reasons. DreamHost might not be the best hosting provider in this world, but it was the best hosting service to us at that time especially after we compared multiple hosting services, so might be it is the reason that we chose it and stay at on it.


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Website Running Faster After DreamHost Changed Server

In the last week we complained “Webpage Loaded Slowly After DreamHost Changed Our Server”, But now all of our websites are running faster than before actually.

We did not know exact reason why webpages loaded slower in first 2 days, but we guess possible reasons were such as server was not stable, or they were traced speed using some software tools etc.

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Webpage Loaded Slowly After DreamHost Changed Our Server ?

We knew DreamHost was trying to migrate to new server for their part of customers, or maybe they called this was Upgrade.

OK, since we now get website loading speed slow again today, which is just after they migrated our all websites to new server, and since we also got loading speed slow issue before they migrated our websites, so we want to record something about what happened on our websites.

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Setup A Godaddy 4GH Windows Web Hosting

Today we purchased a Godaddy Windows Web Hosting 4GH.

The following is the setup process:

After you purchased a Windows Web Hosting 4GH successfully, after wait for a short time, you can setup the hosting.

1: Go to the main menu and choose “Hosting & Servers”, and choose “Hosting Management” sub menu:


2: Now you are accessed to web hosting page, click the Launch button for your new account:


3: You can see the following window, input your main domain name for the new hosting, input FTP account password, or you can change FTP user name if you do not like the default name, if you have purchased SSL credits, you can choose the SSL item on this hosting:

(Note: the password required special format, please follow the tips when you got wrong for password.)


4: When you click Finish button in the previous step, you can click the hosting view to access your hosting list view, you can see your hosting is still on pending setup status, you have to wait some time, for example, wait until 30 minutes or even over 2 hours:


5: Around 1 minute, if you have set the SSL certificate to your hosting, you should receive an email from Godaddy, the content will similar as the following:

Dear Secure Certificate Customer,

An SSL certificate has been issued for the domain:

Your hosting provider will install the issued certificate on your hosting account. Note that it may take up to 72 hours for the necessary DNS changes to take effect. As soon as DNS has been changed to point to the new, dedicated IP address, your SSL certificate will be functional.

You can check the status of the certificate-installation process by logging in to your SSL account.

To access your secure site, please go to the following URL:

If you encounter any problems or have any questions, our Customer Support department is ready to help, around-the-clock, seven days a week.

Customer Support:
Phone: 480.505.8852
Fax: 480.393.5009

For further information, log in to your account at

Now we need to wait more time to let Godaddy system set our hosting.

How both PHP 4 and PHP 5 sites run on the same Godaddy hosting account ?

I think your websites are running on PHP 4 or PHP 5. But, How they can run a Godaddy hosting account which you can set multiple websites but you found your hosting might be PHP 4 ?

If you bought a Linux hosting from Godaddy, you are able to build your site on either of PHP 4 or PHP 5.

As long as your site runs Hosting Configuration 2.0, both PHP 4 and PHP 5 applications can run on your site. By default, PHP 5 files require the .php5 extension, whereas the .php extension will run under PHP 4. You can change these defaults through the htaccess file.

By default, files with a .php extension run under PHP 4 and files with the .php5 extension run under PHP 5. The .htaccess file, located at the root of your site, can be used to change these default settings. The following entries in a directory’s .htaccess file designate .php files to run under PHP 5 and .php4 files to run under PHP 4.

    AddHandler x-httpd-php5 .php
    AddHandler x-httpd-php .php4

Changes made to an existing .htaccess file will be seen immediately. When a new .htaccess file is created or an existing .htaccess file is deleted, however, these changes will not be seen until the htaccess cache is cleared. This occurs every hour.

If your site does not run the new hosting configuration and you want to upgrade, you will have to search Godaddy help information to get How to upgrade hosting account to Hosting Configuration 2.0

NOTE: Godaddy Windows hosting and WordPress® hosting offerings only allow PHP 5.