How to Install Google Play Store on a Chinese Huawei Mate 10

If you have a Huawei Mate 10 Smart Phone which was from China. You will have to install Google Play Store to get apps such as YouTube, Google Map etc.

Installing Google Play Store is not a problem for Huawei Mate phone at all. You do not need to root the phone, just directly install Google Play Store on Huawei Mate 10:

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If No Ad, Google Can NOT Give People Free Services

Google provides multiple IT services and products to people for free. For example: Email (Gmail), Online Office Applications (Google Docs), Cloud Storage (Google Drive and Google Photos), Map, Online Video Sharing (YouTube), Communication Platform (Handouts) etc. However, we should know any IT services and products can not long live without finances supporting. If Google does not have money to buy hardware servers, how can they provide so great YouTube, Google Docs, Google Photos services for free ?

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Why Could not Our Website Be in Google Search Result ?

We made mistake on our website when we tried related SEO features recently. Our mistake made this website was disappeared in Google searching result pages. If people input some keywords which just very matched our website, they would not see our website whatever they turned how many pages on Google.

The reason was the below line of code in .htaccess file which we misunderstood from other website:

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Why do I always See the Same Ads When Visiting Different Websites´╝č

If you like to view online, you might realize you always see the same or similar ads on different webpages from different websites. Is it because your computer affected by virus or does your computer get attacked ?

Let’s answer the question directly first since you are wondering: If you are seeing the ads are Google ads which are put by the website owners, you should not be worried about them, those ads are normal.  Because those ads content are generated by Google, not by websites and their owners. The ads content are un-harmful.

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Google Official Blog

We did not hear about Google Official Blog very often recently since Google released many other great products. But we want still to record the Google Official Blog stuff since we did not have related information.

Google’s official Blog was built on their own blog platform BlogSpot. The sub title is “Insights from Googlers into our products, technology, and the Google culture”, which is interesting for all Google fans all over the world.

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How Google Maps Syncs All Your Devices

Do you know Google Maps can syncs all your devices from laptop, Android tablet and Android cell phone ? For example: If you searched something on your laptop, you will see your searching information on your cell phone or tablet. But we should know the tablet and cellphone which I mentioned should use Android system;

Here we show the simple example:

1: On your laptop, open Google Maps, you have to sign in first;

Note: Just because you signed into Google Account, Google Maps syncs searches across all your devices;

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