Why Could not Our Website Be in Google Search Result ?

We made mistake on our website when we tried related SEO features recently. Our mistake made this website was disappeared in Google searching result pages. If people input some keywords which just very matched our website, they would not see our website whatever they turned how many pages on Google.

The reason was the below line of code in .htaccess file which we misunderstood from other website:

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Why do I always See the Same Ads When Visiting Different Websites?

If you like to view online, you might realize you always see the same or similar ads on different webpages from different websites. Is it because your computer affected by virus or does your computer get attacked ?

Let’s answer the question directly first since you are wondering: If you are seeing the ads are Google ads which are put by the website owners, you should not be worried about them, those ads are normal.  Because those ads content are generated by Google, not by websites and their owners. The ads content are un-harmful.

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Google Official Blog

We did not hear about Google Official Blog very often recently since Google released many other great products. But we want still to record the Google Official Blog stuff since we did not have related information.

Google’s official Blog was built on their own blog platform BlogSpot. The sub title is “Insights from Googlers into our products, technology, and the Google culture”, which is interesting for all Google fans all over the world.

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How Google Maps Syncs All Your Devices

Do you know Google Maps can syncs all your devices from laptop, Android tablet and Android cell phone ? For example: If you searched something on your laptop, you will see your searching information on your cell phone or tablet. But we should know the tablet and cellphone which I mentioned should use Android system;

Here we show the simple example:

1: On your laptop, open Google Maps, you have to sign in first;

Note: Just because you signed into Google Account, Google Maps syncs searches across all your devices;

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How to Register to Google Plus

Google Plus is not a new thing. but the question is whether you are using it ?

Most of people have a Facebook account or a Twitter account, also, have a Gmail account, BUT, most of them never used Google Plus.

Actually, I do not want to discuss why you do not use Google Plus, me either. The one reason I guess is because people have had used Facebook or Twitter, they do not need another similar social communication system, or called by Google, a Circle.

But today I want to try the Google Plus then it is there and have been there some years already. let me just use it.

Signing up to Google Plus needs a Google account first, for sure, I have had a Google account, I just simple find out the Google Plus button to do the sign up:

On the right top corner of the screen, click the Google Apps icon, you can see the Google+ is in the list, click it:


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How to download files from Google Drive shared

Not a single time my friends complained they could not download files which I shared through Google Drive. They said “Can Not download” meant they could not find download button.

I think this is the bad design from Google’s few mistakes. The downloading file in Google drive, is really not friendly.

You have to know the downloading ways are different for a shared file and a shared folder.

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Google Top Searching Keywords 2013

Google released the top searching keywords in 2013.

Google owned a web system named Trending. Every year Google can get the searching trending data, with they named a top keywords list.

This is Google hottest keywords rank (you might not see the result directly because you have to set, Google doesn’t do a good job for this list. )

The top 10 searching keywords 2013 by Google:

1 Nelson Mandela
2 Paul Walker
3 iPhone 5s
4 Cory Monteith
5 Harlem Shake
6 Boston Marathon
7 Royal Baby
8 Samsung Galaxy S4
9 PlayStation 4
10 North Korea

The No.1 is Mr. Nelson Mandela, the great man in the world, former South Africa President.

iPhone and Samsung Galaxy are in the top 10 list, but Google might be sad for their Android or tablet.



If you can not see above screen in Google Trend, remember changing area setting: change to Global since Google set your local area by default: