Using A Gmail Account to Handle Multiple Email Accounts 2016 Edition

We introduced information which was about using Single Gmail to Receive / Send emails for multiple email account before, but it is 2016 now, Google has done some modifications on this feature of Gmail, and we realized it is not that easy which we thought. Let’s record this process today.

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New Gmail Compose and Reply

Today when we tried to create a new Gmail, we got the following popup window which indicates a new Compose Gmail interface.

Preview the new compose


Compose messages right from your inbox.


Redesigned with a clean, streamlined look.


Check emails as you’re typing, minimize drafts for later, and even compose two messages at once.


When we clicked Try it now button, we saw the guide to show some changings, such as the positions of related options:


The following is the new reply interface:



About more details, please read official webpage here.

Undo Sending Your Gmail

People sometimes sent an email to a wrong address, you could not cancel the sending before and even now for most of email providers. But now there are some email providers provide a special Undo Sending function, such as Gmail, and China’s QQ email.

Here we introduce how to undo sending in Gmail.

1: Login to your Gmail, and choose the Settings item by clicking the top right gear icon


2: On the settings page, choose Labs menu from top menus:


3: Now Labs settings page opened, input “undo send” in the Search text box and you will see the Undo Send Labs shown right away, check on Enable to enable Undo Send feature for your Gmail, then click Save Changes button to save the setting.


4: After you click Save Changes button, the settings will exit and you will be accessed to your Gmail income box, now you might to change the Send cancellation period since its default value is 10 seconds.

5: Click the gear icon to go to Settings again. Now you will see the Undo Send section was added under General tab, you can change Send cancellation period and also enable / disable it here. The maximum cancellation period in 30 seconds at present.


After you changed the cancellation period, please do not forget to click Save Changes button to save the setting on the bottom of the web page.

6: Now you can try to send an email to test the Undo Send function. after you send an email, you will see a Undo link in the top popup message as long as it is in the period of cancellation which you have set.


7: If you click Undo now, you will see a message on the top “Sending has been undone.”, also your sent email was “retrieved back” without sending out.

China’s QQ email has similar Undo Sending function. But we do not know their difference now. We just know Gmail’s Undo Sending function is actually NOT retrieve back your email, but just hold your email in the cancellation period, after the period expired, your email will be sent out and never want to be cancel.

Gmail Attacked: We believe your account was recently accessed

One day when we login our Gmail, I found there was an Alarm in red color on the top:

Warning: We believe your account was recently accessed from: xxxx (

We knew our Gmail password might be stolen, or there was hacker from some where accessed our Gmail account.


When we click the detail link, we found there were not only one time the other people accessed our Gmail:


The first step we should do is change password immediately.

And then, check is there other place your Gmail is using: Scroll down your Gmail to the bottom, you can see there is information on the top bottom corner indicates how many place current Gmail is using and the login time.



If you found the Gmail is open in other places, please click the Details link and Sign out all other sessions:


Change all other settings about security, see as following:


Change Recovery settings, the security question you set for your account:


Also, you have to double check whether your Gmail was set other stuff such as forward automatically, multiple log in etc. So go to Gmail settings to check:


Check each setting item carefully, for example: whether your signature was input some robot script, remove the signature content then; and Forwarding, POP and IMAP, you’d better disable all of them if you can not make sure you have set something by yourself.


Zip and Rar files Viewed in Gmail Without Downloading

Before you check your Gmail attachment you had a way was download or view, but for .zip file or .rar file, you could only download.

The newest feature from Gmail: you can view .zip and .rar file in your Gmail directly now without downloading (but you have to know the Gmail still does not allow you send or receive any email with .exe, .dll, .ocx files included.)

The following is a sample email which includes a .zip file. You can see there is a “View” link on the bottom of content:


When you click the View link, you will be accessed to Google Docs, and the .zip files will be listed on Google Docs, now you know Google Doc Viewers can view .zip and .rar files:


Gmail People Widget

Google released a People Widget in Gmail recently.

When you access into your Gmail account, and when you have friend who you is in your contact is online, you will see the message:

New! People widget


You do not currently share a photo with recipients

Update your photo…

Some actions, …. or can be found in the More menu in the toolbar…

A screen shot like the following:


You can see since LinkedIn provides convenient connection method you can easily connect with your friends who you have added in your LinkedIn account.

You can check individual contact information by clicking the contact’s name in the People widget list to open an expanded view of information about that contact.

You can also interact with a group by using group chat.

About more detail, please read Google’s help information:

About the people widget

Email is just as much about the people you communicate with as it is what you’re communicating about. The Gmail people widget, located on the right-hand side of your messages, shows you contextual information about people you’re interacting with in Gmail.

You can communicate with individual contacts easily through the people widget, or just use it to find basic information. Simply click on the contact’s name on the right side. From there, you’ll see:

Information about your contact, which may include information such as their email address or occupation. This information comes from your account’s Contact Manager.
Recent buzzes your contact has posted that are visible to you
Recent email your contact sent you
Google Calendar events if your contact’s Calendar is shared with you
Google documents shared with both you and the contact

Gmail Free Storage Keeps Increasing ?

I have used Gmail for some years. and I know the Gmail site keep changing the available space, the number seems keep increasing. But I thought it is fake just like TV advertisement.

Today I watched their number for some while, and got to know the number is real, they are really keep increasing the storage !


You can see they increase the storage by 4 bytes every second.

That means you can get Gmail storage increase 24 X 60 X 60 X 4 = 345600 bytes every day.

1024 bytes = 1 Kilobytes
1024 Kilobytes  = 1 Megabytes
1024 Megabytes = 1 Gigabytes
1024 Gigabytes = 1 Terabytes

So if you want 1GB more Gmail storage, you have to wait for:

1024 X 1024 X 1024 / 345600 = 3106.89 days = 8.5 years.

So you know now the Gmail storage increasing is actually not fast, and you should not be too exiting about this. any other big computer can also provide this rate increasing of storage, such as Microsoft, Yahoo. Microsoft has already provided over 25GB free storage in Hotmail. The Gmail service currently provides more than 7.5 GB of free storage.

How Much is my Gmail Available Space ?

Do you have a Gmail account ? Do you know how much is the Gmail storage ? and how much space left in your Gmail ?

Gmail’s storage size number is not a stable number, Google will always offers more space for free, Currently the Gmail storage is over 7.5 GB and free. You have to know the storage is based on your all email message and attachments, and also including those spam and trash mails.

To check your Gmail space and available space, it is very simple:

Go to your Gmail page bottom and find the following information:

You are currently using XX MB (X%) of your XXXX MB.


The indicator words above is color green, it means you still have enough space, but if you approach the storage limit, the words will change from green to red.

Importance marker in Gmail

There is another new feature in Gmail today: Importance Marker.

Seems not all Gmail account can see this new feature today, but if you can see the below marker or popup message in you Gmail, you have the markers.

You can use Importance markers to mark your email as Important or cancel the important marker.


When you mouse hand over the Importance marker, you can see the following tips:



You even can search Importance emails, just like labels emails. see below guide from Google.

Importance markers in Priority Inbox

Priority Inbox displays different colored arrows to indicate different types of messages. A yellow arrow means that a message is important and unread. A gray marker means that the message is important and read or archived. A message Gmail has classified as unimportant has no marker.

If you want to know why a message was classified as important, you can hover your mouse over the importance marker for that message in order to see the main reason why the message was marked important.

If you prefer, you can hide these markers. Just go to the Priority Inbox tab of your Gmail settings and select the No markers option in the Importance markers section.

Gmail treats these markers like labels, so you can search for messages that are important by using the search operator ‘is:important’