Online eBay Fee and Paypal Fee Calculators

There are some online eBay Fee Calculators and Paypal Fee Calculators:

The same author Ryan Olbe built multiple tools for public online trade websites:
1: PPCalc (Paypal Fee Calculator) —;
2: eBay Fee Calculator
3: Amazon Marketplace Fee Calculator
4: Fee Calculator
5: ePier Fee Calculator
6: BidPay Fee Calculator
7: Etsy Fee Calculator
8: Overstock Auctions Fee Calculator

9: PayPal UK eBay Fee Calculator Stores
10: More free eBay Fee Calculator (you can find different Fee Calculators based different countries here)

Find item listed 60+ days ago on eBay ?

Is it possible to search out an item which you or your seller listed 60+ days ago on eBay?

I got an answer from eBay which replied by an eBay member scifan57 here ( a bad news 🙁 ) :

If you or the seller have left feedback for a listing it will be in your feedback pages.If not check your account history in your paypal account,it lists every transaction you have had since registering your paypal account.If the listing is 90 days old or less you can click on it and bring up the entire listing.Ebay deletes all listings older than 90 days from the system so you can’t access any that are older than that.Some people print a copy of their completed listings for their files.

Please check this page .

How to list an item on ebay and let all world ebay sites show it ?

Sometimes you list an item on ebay, you might find your item only shown on the ebay site which is located in your country or limited area. Is it possible to show your item on all world ebay sites?

The answer is YES. You don’t need to post your item on all ebay sites one by one. You just need a simple setting when you post your item: In the item shipping section, you just check the mark of Shipping to worldwide and you can choose all the contries which you want.
But remember you have to check  check the mark of Shipping to worldwide then you will see all countries list .

There is also another option: on the top you can see site ‘visibility” mark. But this option cost more money since it gives you better search rankings in other countries.

A custome lawyer’s blog which about some questions of mailing or import goods to China

A custome lawyer’s blog which about some questions of mailing or import goods to China:

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