Tips for Ordering Tires and Rims from Costco

In Canada, people like to buy vehicle tires especially winter tires from Costco since they could have discount prices, also Costco always offer great services. But when you go to their stores, you might realize that is not all stores have your tires in stocked. So you will have to search and order from their website.

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Costco Executive Membership 2% Reward

We posted How to redeem American Express Costco Cash Rebate coupon, which is about American Express for Costco Members. Today we are going to introduce Costco Executive Membership 2% Reward:

Costco Executive Members receive a 2% Reward on most purchases. Reward is capped at, and will not exceed $500 for any 12-month period. Only purchases made by the primary and primary household cardholder on the account will apply toward the Reward. Limit one Executive Membership per household or business. Purchases made prior to upgrade do not qualify for the 2% Reward.


We should know:

1: The $500 maximum amount increased to $750 (reward);

2: Only available for purchases made by primary and spouse cardholder;

3: Only available for Executive membership;

4: Not available for the new card: True Earning card (it has new reward plan), the 2% reward only available platinum cardholders which it is no more provided to new members;

5: This 2% reward is from Costco, but American Express Costco Cash Rebate is from American Express.

6: If you purchased more from Costco, Executive membership is the good choice since you can get coupon from both of Costco and American Express, normally the coupons value is almost just your Costco membership annual fee. or even you can earn a little bit.

Costco Annual Membership Fee Increased 10%

Costco Wholesale Corp announced they will raise membership fees 10% in 2011. Today we got the letter in Canada : The Executive Membership fee is increasing from $100 CAD to $110 CAD.

“The annual membership fees that we collect allow us to keep prices low. In order to provode members with even greater value on everything we offer, we are increasing our membership fees.”

“…We are also increasing the maximum 2% Executive Reward amount from $500 to $750, allowing you to earn even more annually.”


How to redeem American Express Costco Cash Rebate coupon

If you qualified, you will receive your annual American Express Costco Cash Rebate coupon. Just check the last page of your January statement each year.

How to redeem your American Express Costco Cash Rebate coupon?

This guide is from Costco:

1: If you qualify for a rebate, remember to look for your coupon on the last page of your January 2012 statement;

2: Detach and bring your coupon to any Costco Wholesale warehouse in Canada;

3: Use your coupon toward your next Costco purchase or redeem it for cash at any Costco Wholesale warehouse in Canada.

If you have any questions about your Cash Rebate coupon, call American Express Customer Service at 1-800-869-3016.



Rebate coupon issued in January to qualified accounts in good standing for redemption at Costco warehouses in Canada for goods, services or cash within 6 months of date issued. See your Rebate Program Terms and Conditions for details.