Canada Family Member Sponsorship Immigrant Low Income Cut-off 2016

We had yearly post about Canada Family Member Sponsorship Immigration Type Low Income cut off information, but maybe we missed the data for 2015. Since the time is passed, so here we skip to post the table in 2016. We copied the table from Canadian cic official website.

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Information about Applying for Chinese Visa (Mainland) in Canada 2016

We had a chance to apply for Chinese Visa in Canada recently. We realized the Chinese visa application process and policy has changed a lot. Here we take related notes to share something new with more friends.

Note: We were applying for Chinese mainland visa, not for Hong Kong and Macao SAR. Also, please know all the information here are based on our real case application, we have provided multiple Chinese visa service official links in this article, please read more details information from official website.

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How to Convert EPub eBook to Amazon Kindle Format for Free

This blog is trying to provide a good solution for huge amount requirement of converting ePub format eBooks to a new format eBooks that are readable in Amazon Kindle (Paperwhite, Voyage etc.).

Amazon Kindle is the one of the most popular eReader devices in the world, which is released by Amazon. Based on the newest model of Kindle Paperwhite model (2015 edition), you can read eBooks, download eBooks, view web pages, buy eBooks online; It also provide native dictionary, read different languages, adjust font size, touch screen etc. features.

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Air Canada’s Bereavement Fares Policy

We realize few people knows Air Canada’s Bereavement Fares Policy, which is so nice and humane. We want to share it to everybody.

It is so sad if our loved family member who is in home town left or is leaving away from us due to illness or emergency events. What we can do is driving home right away or buying airplane fare to go back home as soon as possible. Since it is so hurry you mostly could only pay expensive money to buy airplane fares.

Air Canada provide the Bereavement Fares policy to the case of needing to fly at the last minute in the event of a death or imminent death in immediate family (check below for the concept is from Air Canada). They will reduce your cost for the fares.

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Canada Ontario Secondary School Ranking 2014-2015

Almost every year we post Canada School Ranking which were released by Fraser Institute. Fraser Institute is a researching organization which researches about how to improve Canadians’ life quality by studying, measuring and communicating the effects of government actions etc.

How people use School Rankings ?

To Canadian people, the best known about Fraser Institute is their yearly school rankings. Canadian parents like to know how their children’s school is in the year and whether the ranking of school is up or down;

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Free 2016 Certified Tax Report Software can be Downloaded Now.

We posted “Free Certified Tax Report Software 2016 Preview” previously. We mentioned part of good tax report and returning software were not ready because they were still on Government and related organization verifying and certifying process.

But we just found most of popular software have finished certifying process. Though still there are several of them have not been done, but most of software have gained CRA and Quebec Certified yet, So Canadian residents and all related taxing residents can download and start to use them.

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Canadian Tire Sauder Night Table Unboxing and Assembling

After we bought Sauder computer table and bookcase, we got another chance to buy more simple furniture such as Canadian Tire’s Sauder side tables. Again, we really like Sauder furniture’s color.

Unfortunately, we can not find out the original selling webpage from Canadian Tire official website currently, and we forgot the selling price also. The following is just the real package pictures:


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What is Standard Voltages in Canada and US Exactly ?

There have been lots of medias and papers in some countries (such as in Asia) reported the standard voltage in US and Canada was 110 V, so the people always think the 110 V is the right number in abroad compared some countries’ 220 V such as in China.

But, Are really Canada and US mainly use 110 V ?

The answer is NO. 110 V is a wrong number in Canada and US. Actually, there is never 110 V in both of Canada and US, even never in entire North America including Mexico (127 V).

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Free Certified Tax Report Software 2016 Preview

It will be in February tomorrow. Will you want to prepare something for the tax report for 2015 ? February maybe still earlier for a tax reporting work but we can start to collect related information and prepare something now. The one of important things is getting a Tax Report Software.

If you trust a traditional software which you used to use it and you paid every year. such as TurboTax, you can buy now from several retail stores, or you can purchase from Amazon online, the price is around $29.96 with free shipping, also it sold by Amazon itself, not 3rd party business. Check below image to buy one:

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How to Renew Canadian Passport in Canada 2016

The government services might be changing year by year, so every time when we do something about our personal ID stuffs, we will have to refresh our brain and check their newest policy.

Let us check how the Canadian passport renewal is. Luckily, Canadian government provides good online service, which is not hard to handle the passport things.

1: Find government introduction information:

The official cic.gc site official passport renewal webpage is here (We strongly recommend you read Canada government official site to get details and exact instruction information, all information on our website is just for the information which we are experience for our case, maybe NOT fit for your case! ), we can see the renew passport is ONLY available to adults, children’s passport always need a new one if it is expired. Because children is growing up fast ? this is a reasonable reason which I guess personally;


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