Surface Pro Release Time and Prices

Today Microsoft General Manager of Surface Panos Panay Posted a blog which is about the Surface Pro (note: not Surface RT which you see in the market now) will be available in 2013 January. Also he mentioned the prices.

These information are just wanted by lots of Microsoft fans, who are waiting for a nice, professional tablet but should be from Microsoft, running Windows 8 pro, but not Windows RT.

Because, we need a tablet, but also we want a real computer, which has the same feature like a laptop, but another hand like a tablet also.

So, Surface Pro is just it: a laptop with tablet style! so most of Microsoft professional guys can run current Windows applications on it without any changes. because it is just a new PC with Windows 8 pro installed.


In his blog, we can get the following price information:

Today, I want to share a bit more detail about the growing Surface family of products and Surface with Windows 8 Pro, specifically around pricing. In January, Surface with Windows 8 Pro will be available in two versions and pricing will start at $899:

· 64GB standalone version at $899

· 128GB standalone version at $999

The most important, please read his following content:

On the inside, Surface with Windows 8 Pro will come with Intel’s next generation Core i5 processor… Surface with Windows 8 Pro also includes a full-size USB 3.0 port. Its Mini DisplayPort can drive an external display up to 2560X1440 resolution. ..

Surface with Windows 8 Pro will run your current Windows 7 desktop applications – it’s a full PC AND a tablet.