Something about MobiliCity Cellphone Customer Merging to Chatr

We know MobiliCity has been merged to Chatr. Existing MobiliCity customer should move to Chatr. Here let’s record something were happened in the moving process:

Bore 2016 Nov 09 (couple of months ago): All existing MobiliCity customers applied transfer to Chatr (or any other actions which MobiliCity provided, we do not have details record about this, will fill the content later if we get more information)

Maybe you can check here and here to get some information.

The MobiliCity history:


2016 Nov 09: Formal moving day from MobiliCity to Chatr

A text message was sent to customer’s cell phone from Mobilicity:

It’s your moving day! You will be moving to chatr this evening between 10pm and 6am ET. There are some important things for you to note: you will experience disruption of incoming calls and text messages for up to 7 hours during this period. Your outgoing 9-1-1 emergency services will continue to work. We are working hard to limit the disruption and to keep you connected. Remember when you move to chatr each line on your account will receive their own login information. Thank you for being a valued Mobilicity customer. See you on Chatr!

Actually, some customers got moving to Chatr before 10:00pm in the same day, the text message was sent at 9:53pm in Nov 09:

Congratulations! You have successfully joined the chatr network. As a reminder chatr pay-per-use-rates now apply. (but pay-per-use-rates depends on the existing Mobilicity customer’s existing plan, for example: if the existing plan in MobiliCity was $20/month, the pay-per-use-rates in chatr will be still $20/month)

Here is MobiliCity customer FAQ on Chatr website.

2016 Nov 10: Merged customers received chatr account login information:

Hi there ! Log in to to check your usage and add money to your account. Here’s your info: Username: xxxxxxxx Temporary password: xxxxxxx.

Welcome to chatr! Your phone # is xxxxxxxxx. Your monthly fee is xxxxx (same as when in MobiliCity) due before the xx of each month. Your first payment will be due prior to xxxxx/2016. Your balance is $10.00 To check your balance anytime dial *225#

2016 Nov 11:

Congratulations! U’ve qualified to receive the auto pay bonus from chatr. A 10 bonus has been added to your account.