Register a Microsoft Account Using Non-Microsoft Email (Gmail, Yahoo Mail…)

If you want to register a Microsoft account, and you do not want to use a Microsoft email to register, is it possible?

We just got it worked: registered a Microsoft account using our company email, it is not a Microsoft email.

1: we used keyword “Microsoft Account” to search in Google, we got result and then we tried the first 2 links, the first link will access you to regular sign in page and if you want to sign up an account you are forced to use Microsoft account, so do not use the 1st link.

Use second link, which is also from Microsoft, but it is


You can see the different below, the left register page forces you to use a Microsoft email, but the right page allow you input any email which you want. The right page was from the 2nd link above.



2: After you registered a Microsoft account using your preferred email, go to your email inbox to continue to verify process, you only need to click Verify button in your email.


3: Also, you have to do one more step, otherwise your Microsoft email might still not work, no matter your email is or not is Microsoft email: Try to send your first email using live email which you have to visit and go into your email which you just got using your own email, and try to send your first email, now you will see you have one more verify to do, click Verify button, so then you can send email, otherwise your related live email with your non-Microsoft email will not work, until you send your first email successfully.

4: And, do not forget that because your own email is not in Microsoft account, so if you want to check your received email, you have to go to your own email account to check received email, no way to receive email in your Microsoft live email account that you just registered. What you can do just using your own email to sign in your Microsoft account. for example, you can use your own email to join a Visual Studio online team.