New Domain Extension Application List Published

Normally, people know the domain for a website should has a extension, such as .com, .net, .ca… For expand domain resource ICANN ( developed the new generic Top-Level Domain Program to increase competition and choice by publishing new gTLDs into the internet’s address system.


Today, 2012 June 13, ICANN released the new domain extension application list,”The new gTLD application window opened on 12 January 2012 and closed on 30 May 2012. ”

Currently there are total 1930 new domain extensions, you can view the list on ICANN site here. For conveniently searching, you can also visit this page.

Apply a new domain extension is not cheap: application fee is $185,000 and there’s an annual fee of $25,000.

Microsoft applied azure, bing, docs, hotmail, live, microsoft, office, skydrive, skype, windows, and xbox;

A company named “Charleston Road Registry Inc.”, which should be related to Google, applied 101 new extensions, including App, Blog, Book, Buy, Android, Cloud, Car, Earth, Gmail, Google, Game, How, Map, Music, Movie, Mail, Play, Site, Tech, Web, Youtube…

However, there are lots of extensions name are applied by multiple companies, so now we don’t know who will be the winner for those extension.