Move All Photos from Old Phone to New Phone Android and iPhone

If you have a new phone, no matter an Android phone or an iPhone, the one of ‘big’ tasks for switching phone is how to copy all photos from old phone to the new phone.There are multiple ways to implement it. but Google recommends an official solution.

Google provides Google Photos service with apps, actually Google Photos works on laptop too. You can download Google Photos app from here.


— Install Google Photos app on both of your old phone and new phone if you have not installed it yet first;

— On old phone, open Google Photos, tap the menu in the top left corner;

— then Settings  –> Backup & sync –> Backup.

— Now Google Photos is starting backing up your phone’s photos. Actually all your photos should be uploaded onto Google’s cloud server, this is a free service;

— After the old phone backing up done, you just open your Google Photo app on your new phone, you will see all your photos shown there. You can download any photo on your new phone locally if you like photo store on your local phone.