How to Use Your Company or Organization’s Microsoft Azure Credit

There are lots of companies are Microsoft Visual Studio MSDN Subscribers in this world. They paid thousands dollars every year to Microsoft for holding the MSDN Subscriptions for using multiple Microsoft software year by year. But some of those subscribers do not know how to take advantage of the MSDN subscription’s benefits, or some of them do know know the benefits at all.

The one of MSDN subscriptions’ benefit is Microsoft Azure credit, which is for developing cloud products.

Active Visual Studio subscribers receive a monthly Azure credit of up to $150 for experimenting with different Azure services and running individual dev/test workloads like virtual machines and Cloud Services.

We can see a VS subscriber can use up to $150 USD azure credit each month, we can do anything using the benefit. So we should not waste the benefit if we have Visual Studio Subscription (or called MSDN Subscription)

We tried multiple times in a Visual Studio subscription small company to try to let the team members use Azure benefit. The Visual Studio Subscription Account manager in this company is not a software developer, so  we tried longer time to get the team member take the benefit for free. Finally, we got to know the eventual solution is setting the team member as Co-Admin role. Please check here (Team Member Permission under Azure Work or School Account) for detail information.