How to Unlock AT&T Phone For Free from Outside the United States

During the holiday season such as in Christmas holiday, we might meet great deals in United States stores or retailers websites. For example, the smart phones, comparing Canada and US, the selling prices might be more different, they are cheaper in US. So, Canadian like to buy a smart phone from US, actually, the price might not the only reason, some models of phones are only sold in US.

Your phone is locked or unlocked ?

When we buy a phone from US, we should know most of phones are locked by US telecommunication service providers, so when you buy a phone from US and you know you will not use it in US in most of time, either you buy a unlocked phone, or you know you will have a way to unlock the phone when you go back to your country (pay extra money to buy a unlocked code maybe); even if you are a US resident, you might still want to unlock the phone since you might change your phone service company.

However, we know at least there is a telecommunication service provider in US called AT&T will provide officially unlock code or other unlock services for their customers or phone buyers FOR FREE!

AT&T Official Unlock Service


AT&T is the largest provider of traditional telephone and the second largest provider of mobile telephone in the US. They provide a device unlock portal on official website: AT&T can send you unlock instructions upon request, provided that we can reasonably obtain them from the manufacturer and that you meet the requirements below. You should receive a response within two business days.

– What device can be unlocked By AT&T ?

AT&T provides unlock service policy on their official website. Before you request a phone unlock, you will have to read what device can be unlocked by AT&T. The policy specified general requirement, Postpaid Customers requirement, Prepaid / GoPhone requirement, Non-AT&T Mobility Customers requirement and Deployed Military Personnel requirement.

At least you will have to know that please do not try if your phone was not a AT&T phone, they can not (or will not ?) unlock a phone which is from other carriers.

– Can a AT&T phone be unlocked from outside United States ?

AT&T never motioned officially they would unlock phones which were outside US, However, no words means YES sometimes, right?

Check this policy:

Non-AT&T Mobility Customers
You’ve never had an AT&T wireless account and you meet the General Requirements for unlock requests.

So you could be called a Non-AT&T customer, right?

How to Unlock AT&T Phone For Free from Outside the United States

Don’t worry, you can do this really. If you are trying to request to unlock an AT&T phone from outside US, you can really submit your request as a Non-AT&T customer for free, all you need is just your email. The simple steps are the following:

1: Start from AT&T device unlock service portal here and check on the condition term, then click Continue button;
2: Now you input your device information, be sure you select “Non-AT&T Mobility customer” type, then input the phone IMEI and your email;
3: Do Email confirmation when you received from AT&T soon;
4: Just wait the result. An Email with result will be received within 48 hours or 2 business days (some customers waited longer time, we waited for a phone after 72 hours, we guess the reason was because huge amount unlock requested in holiday seasons)

Above steps are the all for you unlock AT&T phone. If you still need more details, we will have a real AT&T phone unlocked case with entire process to show you soon later. Keep coming back to check