How to Restart Xbox Download

When you buy a new Xbox 360 game, you can either buy from store or buy from online Xbox Game Store. If you choose online, you have to download the game to your local Xbox hard driver, or a external storage device such as USB disk.

However, you might find if the game that you purchased is not a small size game, you see the game downloading stopped after some while. (Or, when you downloaded a game, you could not see it in your Xbox game dashboard, the possible reason was your downloading had been stopped, the downloading was not finished.)

There are 3 main reasons why your game downloading stopped:

1: Your network bandwidth was low at that time;

2: You do another activity on your Xbox console, but we have to know the Xbox has set content downloading a lower priority than other activities like playing games;

3: There were other people in your home (or in the same local area network)  using their computers, especially they might start downloading or transferred files, because they used network bandwidth;

Anyway, If you find your Xbox downloading stopped, you can restart the download:

1: Sign in on your Xbox console;

2: Go to settings, and click Account:


3: In Account Management, select Download History:


4: Choose the game which you want to restart download and press A button on your remote control


5: Xbox will ask you to confirm to restart downloading, the questing similar like this one:

“You’ve already purchased this item and may have downloaded it before. Would you like to download this item now? ”

So choose Download Again.


Now you will see your downloading started again, and, it does not start a complete new start but start from the last stopping point. For example: our case stopped at 64% last time, now it will start from 64% place.