How to List Gmail from Oldest to Newest ?

Did you try to search Gmail by reversing order which lists all gmails from oldest to newest? Our Gmail lists emails for us daily and always shows the newest email at the top so that we can see what the newer emails are easily.

But sometimes we want to see our old emails, we can click the next page (older) to see old emails; however, if you have thousands emails, you would realize you could not use the turn page way because there are too many pages to turn.

We have another way: Searching email. But we could still find we could not get the target email easily.

How to List Gmail from Oldest to Newest ?

Actually Google Gmail has already provided us a very simple way to list all emails from oldest to newest.

In your Gmail, just move mouse and hover on the email count number (such as 1-100 of 3,864) at right top of Gmail screen, you will see a dropdown list which includes 2 options: Newest and Oldest. The Newest option is in grey color since our Gmail is listed by the Newest email first way which is the default way. The Oldest option means that listing all Gmail at reverse order (Oldest to Newest)


That’s it ! Very simple solution, right ?