How to Buy Item from Best Buy US Website Without US Credit Card

In this year and recent Holidays, There were many stuff on sale with amazing prices on multiple US retainer websites, such as,,…etc. Even US dollar was increasing, but those on sale prices were still much better than local countries, such as Canada.

However, most of popular retail stores ONLY ship to the address inside the US, also, they need your billing address is a US address too, this will cause a problem if an non-US customer order an item from their website, because the billing address must match your credit card address information.

But, provides a way to let international online customers order items successfully without a US billing address as long as the shipping address is still inside of US (for shipping you can find Freight Forwarders, we will have an introduction post soon):


During checkout, in place of your non-US billing address, use this exact billing address:

10780 Kempwood Dr.
Houston, TX 77043

You can also call (612) 292-0995 at any time for assistance or to place your order over the phone.”

Above tips came from this page.