House Maintain – Sink Water Pipe Materials

This Blog was updated in 2016 Feb. This is another DIY house work related blog, which is about replacing or fixing  your kitchen room sink pipe or washroom pipe if you got leak issue or think the pipe is too old.

In this blog we are not going to show a detail pipe replacing or fixing steps, but we just share related materials which we are going to use. When we try to repair or replace a sink water pipe in kitchen room or a washroom, we need the following materials:

What are the Major Materials for Sink Water Pipes ?

There are two major materials you should buy from Home Depot or other stores. Note: we do not include your necessary tools here, for sure you need some tools to replace or fix your water pipes. Here we only want to mention Materials:

1: ABS pipe and hubs:

The size of pipe is very important. DO NOT mess your pipe size otherwise you would waste your money and car gas because you would have to change or return.

Normally in a North America house we use 1-1/2” ABC pipe, if your house is old, such as 30+ years old, your pipe size might be 1-1/4”. But it is harder to find a 1-1/4” pipe in current stores, most of new houses are using 1-1/2” now.

As our case we were using 1-1/4” pipes but we could not find out in our local Home Deport stores, most of Home Depot stores have not provided 1-1/4” pipe, their staff said 1-1/4” would no more be used for house water out pipe system but only use 1-1/2”. Finally we got some from local Canadian Tire stores; Also there are different parts (Home depot calls them Hub).

The following image showing the ABS pipe, elbows, hubs




2: ABS Cement:

Before we DIY the house sink pipe work, we did not know how the pipe join. Now we know we should use special adhesive.

The following one is common used adhesive called ABS cement, which let us join ABS pipe and other parts such as hubs.

Note: DO NOT use PVC glue here !



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