Greater Toronto Area Arts Schools

From Google we recently knew several Arts Schools in GTA (Greater Toronto Area). Please know the following information is collected from public information resources, this article is NOT a school review article.

1: Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts

Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts is a Catholic school. It is an Arts-focused school offering an integrated and accelerated Arts program from grades 7-12.  The admission  entry years are primarily grades 7 and 9. Although, when they have any available spots, they do audition for other grades but this depends on space. 


2: Earl Haig Secondary School – Claude Watson Arts Program

Earl Haig Secondary School is a public school in Toronto District School Board. The special point which compared with other schools is that they provide the Arts program named “The Claude Watson Arts Program”, which is an enriched curriculum for students with special interests and talents in Dance, Drama, Music, Screen Arts and Visual Arts within Earl Haig Secondary School.

Please do NOT be confused by Claude Watson Arts Program (at Earl Haig) and Claude Watson School for the Arts. They are different.


3: Claude Watson School for the Arts

Claude Watson School for the Arts is a specialized program spanning Grades 4 – 8.

Claude Watson School for the Arts offers an enriched arts education for students within the City of Toronto who have demonstrated talent in music, drama, dance, and the visual arts. Students pursue studies in all four arts disciplines.


4: Westmount Collegiate Institute

This is a school which is located in York area.

The Arts Westmount program is a tremendous opportunity for students to develop strong artistic skills in a safe, inclusive environment.  With an enriched curriculum and exposure to professional artists, the Arts Westmount experience is demanding yet rewarding.


5: Cyber Arts

Would you like to be part of a project-based, student-driven, enriched environment? Cyber Arts programs integrate artistic expression and knowledge of design with technical experience combining the Fine Arts with Computer Technology and Communication Media.


We only collect above 5 schools information. There are more schools in GTA area, please search by yourself.