Google Top Searching Keywords 2013

Google released the top searching keywords in 2013.

Google owned a web system named Trending. Every year Google can get the searching trending data, with they named a top keywords list.

This is Google hottest keywords rank (you might not see the result directly because you have to set, Google doesn’t do a good job for this list. )

The top 10 searching keywords 2013 by Google:

1 Nelson Mandela
2 Paul Walker
3 iPhone 5s
4 Cory Monteith
5 Harlem Shake
6 Boston Marathon
7 Royal Baby
8 Samsung Galaxy S4
9 PlayStation 4
10 North Korea

The No.1 is Mr. Nelson Mandela, the great man in the world, former South Africa President.

iPhone and Samsung Galaxy are in the top 10 list, but Google might be sad for their Android or tablet.



If you can not see above screen in Google Trend, remember changing area setting: change to Global since Google set your local area by default: