Google Official Blog

We did not hear about Google Official Blog very often recently since Google released many other great products. But we want still to record the Google Official Blog stuff since we did not have related information.

Google’s official Blog was built on their own blog platform BlogSpot. The sub title is “Insights from Googlers into our products, technology, and the Google culture”, which is interesting for all Google fans all over the world.

Due to their archives, seems Google Official Blog was built on April 19, 2004, but the first blog titled “A good way to get rid of bad software? ” which was not about announcing the official blog opening, but the second blog was.

The second blog was written by Evan Williams who was blogger program manager, the publishing date is May 10, 2004:

Anyway, I’m excited the blog’s up. We’re going to post stuff here – regular bloggy things: What Larry had for breakfast. What Sergey thinks of that Hellboy movie. Which Dawson’s Creek character reminds us most of Eric.
And perhaps, news about Google, and our thoughts on whatever random events cross our horizon.

The newest blog was published on March 16, 2016, which was about the recent news and Google’s product: The AlphaGo program, which just won the famous Go player Lee Sedol.

Let’s keep watching Google Official Blog.