Google AdSense Updated Payments and Account Settings pages

Google AdSense sent emails to AdSense Users in 2012 Oct 31 which noticed the Google AdSense payment and account settings pages changed, the following is the email content (without the screenshot image below):


You may have noticed some new changes to the "Payments" and "Account
Settings" pages in your account. We’ve made some changes to improve our
payments system, and we’d like to let you know about the added benefits
of the new payments processes.

Redesigned Payment summary and Payment settings pages

– Payment method is now called Form of payment.
– Unpaid finalized earnings is now called Current balance.
– Redesigned transaction history table shows you the latest activities
at the top.
– New toolbar support allows you to filter, print, export, or download
transaction information.


More flexibility with your payment settings

– New extended timeline allows you to change your payment information
until the 20th of any month.
– You can choose any payment threshold greater than the default payment
threshold based on your reporting currency.
– You can also hold your payments until a specified date.

Improved navigation of the payments interface

– Centralized locations to manage your Payment settings and Payee
– Contextual help is displayed based on the pages you navigate to.

We’ve issued your normal scheduled payment for the current month as
usual. Going forward, all new earnings and future payments will appear
on the new "Payments" page. You can find details for prior earnings and
payments we’ve previously sent by following the link to "previous
payments" at the bottom of the new "Payments" page.


The Google AdSense Team

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