Get YouKu RSS Feeds

Do you know YouKu ? If you don’t know, then maybe you know YouTube, Yes, YouKu is a similar video site with YouTube, but it is in Chinese. YouKu is one of the most popular video site in China. There are other popular video sites in China such as Tudou, 56 etc.

OK, here we just talk about how to get RSS feeds from YouKu.

Why we need to research how to get YouKu RSS feeds ? Because YouKu just officially released limited RSS feeds, see their web page here.

But our problem is we need to get other useful RSS such as a RSS by User ID.

The following is for the RSS by User ID, We have a example User ID here:

Solution 1: The most simple way:

Open above URL in browser, check its page source, you might be able to see a number in

section just like the following:

OK, you can see a number 55625803, so you got it! the RSS is:

Solution 2:

Sometimes you might not be able to find the address number directly in page source, so we have to find other ways.

When you opened this page:

Click “My Video” (我的视频)

Then you will get another web page and URL:

Look at the above URL, you can see a string after “id_” , it is “UMjIyNTAzMjEy”, and cut off the beginning Letter “U”, the left string “MjIyNTAzMjEy” is actual a Base64 encoded string, its length must be the times of 4, if not, then you will see a “=” in the string so make the length must be the times of 4. This Base64 encoded string is just a user id’s real address. After decode, it should match the number which we mentioned in solution 1.

We can find some online Base64 encode / decode website to get the decoded number, for example, you can use this site:

Then you can get the decode number is 222503212, this number should then divided by 4, you can input “222503212 / 4 ” in google and get the result faster, it is 55625803 ! the number is the same as our solution 1’s number.

So now we also get the RSS url: