FTP or Copy Files Speed is Slower on WD My Cloud NAS ?

When we use FTP or Copy file directly on WD My Cloud NAS, we might find the speed is slower than we expected. We do not know how the speed is on newer My Cloud products, but our case is My Cloud EX2 Ultra NAS, we have the same “issue” on the file copying ( note: we mentioned the file uploading mainly) speed.

What we expected speed might be around hundreds Mb per second based on wired port, but the real speed is around 12 ~ 18 Mb/s. We collect following possible reasons.

Why FTP or Copy Files Speed is Slower on WD My Cloud NAS ?

There are possible following one or multiple reasons:

1: The router is an old model which does not support Gigabit speed;

Your home router might be old which only supports 100 Mb Ethernet network speed; If you have not changed your home router some years, you might have an old model router, normally the old router only supports 100 Mb wired speed, also, please know even it supports 100 Mb, the router can not support full speed;

2: You copy files through cloud way

If you are trying to copy files in your local area network, please do NOT use the Cloud Access in dash board to upload files. The cloud way could transfer your files from your computer to internet server somewhere, then copy back to your local target, which could wastes much more time.


3: This possible reason could be more deep than other reasons. Are you using Volume Encryption ?


For security reason, normally we set Volume Encryption when setup NAS. However, if we set the encryption of the hard driver, the NAS process will not have enough power to encrypt or decrypt, which will have slower transfer speed.

Actually, for our case, we found the slow speed was caused by reason 3 above. But if we want to change the setting, we will have to reformat entire hard drive. So we can not do anything finally.