Hot Keys of Magnifier in Windows 10

We often use Ctrl + Plus (+) keys to zoom in a web page if font size is too small to be readable. We also know Windows OS provides the similar function to let user change zoom rate. But we believe there are fewer people use it in a Non-Web browser to change zoom rate. The main reason could be: we do not know hot keys, we can not simply use Ctrl + Plus (+) keys or Ctrl + Minus (-) keys to change zoom rate like in web pages.

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FTP or Copy Files Speed is Slower on WD My Cloud NAS ?

When we use FTP or Copy file directly on WD My Cloud NAS, we might find the speed is slower than we expected. We do not know how the speed is on newer My Cloud products, but our case is My Cloud EX2 Ultra NAS, we have the same “issue” on the file copying ( note: we mentioned the file uploading mainly) speed.

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Flash TM-AC1900 to Asus RT-AC68U

(Updated on 2018 May 10The refurbished TM-AC1900 router which was introduced in this article is NO MORE a good deal because of this reason. We will keep an eye on it if there are newer solutions in the future.)

Some Asus AC routers are more expensive in Canada compared with in USA even when it is on sale. For example, Asus RT-AC68U, which gains a good reputation due to its performance and quality. It’s discount price could be still around $170 CAD while the regular price is around $240 CAD (2018 Jan) in Canada. But in USA, Asus RT-AC68U’s on sale price could be lower to $99 USD while the regular price would be up to $160 USD.

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What is My Cloud EX2 Ultra Device Local URL ?

Normally if we combined our My Cloud device with online account, we can using website account to access to local MyCloud devices. However, in our local network area, we have multiple users to access the My Cloud devices, some of them do not have an account (they are only arranged local device accounts), so how can they do?

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Setup RAID Volume on WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra NAS system

Do you use NAS (Network Attached Storage)? We often see a NAS system in a company, but more and more NAS are used in a home currently. NAS is a kind of digital files storage so its main function is file backup, but also a NAS provides other functions such as media server, download, file sharing… etc..

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