Huawei Jumps into PC and Tablet Market with 2-in-1 Tablet Matebook

The telecommunication and smart phone giant Huawei released their Windows 10 Convertible 2-in-1 tablet, which shocked entire PC/Tablet market. Obviously Huawei was not only attempting to share the smart phone meals, but also had plan of coveting other mobile devices including Tablet to extend their mobile market.

Even some people complaint the name “Matebook” is wired and seems similar with Apple’s MacBook, but Mate is the famous Huawei Brand name, which is a reasonable name for this tablet since it is from the same product line with Huawei Mate 7/8 smart phones.

Due to CNET report, Matebook’s price would be from $699 with Core M3 processor and 4GB of RAM to $1,599 for a Core M7 chip and 8GB of RAM full features.

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Microsoft OneDrive is Launching !

We just realized Microsoft OneDrive is launching, also, we got their official email notify about the launching event.:

You’re the first to know

We wanted to tell you the minute we began rolling out OneDrive. It’ll start showing up online at and in app stores in the coming hours. We couldn’t be more excited about the launch and hope you are too!

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Current Windows Phone License Cost

We had a news report Microsoft might provide their Windows Phone system and Windows RT system to device makers for free, no more license code.

However, do we know how much the license cost is ?

This website reported these details:

However we at MNB can report that a source familiar with Microsoft’s licensing scheme have shared the prices of the respective licences with us. A single Windows Phone 8 license costs close to $25 per device (or £15); a Windows RT license with the Office suite (like what the Lumia 2520 would come with) costs $90 per device (or £55).

Windows Phone / RT System Will Be Free ?

This morning we read a news about Microsoft is considering making Windows Phone and Windows RT system free of charge.

I think it is not bad because most of phone makers are using free mobile OS system Android. another non-free mobile OS system is Apple OS but people like Apple, so the market shares of Android and Apple OS are much bigger than Windows Phone / RT, it doesn’t make sense if Microsoft still charge Windows Phone / RT from device makers. also, Microsoft owns Nokia mobile department now, and Nokia has the most big Windows phone market share at present.

About more details news, read the verge.