Can Not Find Out HERE Drive+ App on Windows Phone and Windows Store?

HERE Drive+ app is a top GPS app with the capability offline map feature on Windows phone. However, I do not understand why an issue has been existed long time but seems nobody fixed it:There are lots of Windows phone users have the same issue about HERE Drive+ app, if they try to new install HERE Drive+, or they uninstalled previously due to storage limitation and later they want to find back the app to install it, they will realize they even can not search out HERE Drive+ or any other HERE Map related apps from Windows Store.

I do not want to discuss the reason why we can not search out the app, but here I just provide ways to find this app back for our Windows phone.

My Windows phone is Windows phone 8.1 system. I found at least there are 2 methods to find back the HERE Drive+ app:

Method 1: Find from your Windows phone if you installed or downloaded previously.

If you installed or downloaded HERE Drive+ app before but you uninstalled or you have not gotten a chance to install the app, you can try to find back from your phone.

Go into your phone’s Win Store app, and click the three dot on right bottom corner, you try to select “my apps” or “downloads”, you will have a chance to see the previously link or software of HERE Drive+ is in your apps list:


For our case, because we uninstalled the app before, we could see the HERE Drive+ app is in “my apps” list, so that we could click it to re-install it.


Method 2 : Find out the app through HERE official website’s link:

If you never installed HERE Drive+ before, you will have to find out where the app located exactly. I mentioned above, this issue is wired but nobody tried to fix it.

OK, On your Windows Phone (NOT your desktop or laptop computers), use phone’s web browser, to visit, and scroll the page down to where you can see a link for Windows phone, choose HERE Drive link, your Windows phone will be accessed to Windows store and the location of HERE Drive, then you can install the HERE Drive app now.



Method 3 : Scan QR code or just direct app link:

I know there are other ways to get the app, for example, some websites provide the QR code of real HERE Drive+ app’s link, so you just use your phone to scan that QR code, you can get the app’s location fast.

Actually, try to click this link to get the app HERE Drive+ directly (sorry we did not have chance to test the link ourselves).


Enjoy your drive on your phone with HERE Drive+ now. (DO NOT forget use your offline map, maybe your local map has already downloaded on your phone previously, if no, then remember download the map so that you can use offline. )