Workopolis is Purchased by Indeed Please Backup Your Resume


The job website sent us an important email 2 days ago. Maybe we had long time no check job websites, we never heard about Workopolis was for sale. What have we missed?

Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. has agreed to purchase Indeed, the world’s number one job site and a subsidiary of Recruit, will operate as part of its publisher network. The site will continue to operate in a similar manner. If you have set up a job alert, you will continue to receive that job alert from, as you requested. If you have a resume on file on, you will have until April 11, 2018 to download and save your resume, as your resume will be unavailable on after the purchase is completed. To download your resume in PDF format, please log in to your Workopolis account and click the “Download” link beneath each resume you wish to download. If you wish to keep your resume available online during this time, we suggest using alternate job sites, such as Indeed.
image So if you have resumes on Workopolis, please login your account and just download your resume. When we login to our Workopolis, we realized the website only kept one resume for us, we have had multiple resumes on their site actually, don’t know what happened. Anyway, Indeed purchased Workopolis, looks like it is a good to all of job seekers. A interesting thing is that we just realized Workopolis is in Toronto: _Workopolis Inc.| 1 Yonge Street, Suite 402, Toronto, ON M5E 1E6 1-888-641-4047_