What is Page CTR ? CPC ? RPM ? eCPM ?


In your Google AdSense Account, you can see the report everyday. But, Do you know those header columns?

Please look at the following sample, which is from the new AdSense Interface:

adsense00 Here are the header description: **Page Views**: How many times that visitor viewed the content which includes AdSense; **Clicks**: How many times that visitor click the AdSense Ads; **Page CTR**:  Page Click Through Rate; It means the percent of clicks out of total Page Views. In above sample, 1 / 171 = 0.58 % **CPC**:  Cost Per Click.  It is the money you can earn every time the advertise is clicked. For example, In above sample, each time ads click, you can earn $0.68.  Why called Cost Per Click ? Because the cost is for the advertiser, the CPC is set by advertiser, not set by Google. So now you should know different advertiser set different CPC, if you see CPC is much higher than normal sometimes, then you are lucky because you meet a rich advertiser :) **Page RPM**: Revenue Per 1000 (M = mil, it's Latin) ad unit impressions. or Cost per thousand. In above sample:  RPM = CPC * 1000 / 171 = $3.97   Above headers are from new AdSense interface. There old interface shown as following: adsense01 There is a eCPM looks like different. But, it is almost the same as RPM: **Page eCPM**:  Cost Per 1000 (M = mil, it's Latin). similar with Page RPM.   RPM and CPM are not used to calculate the earnings currently.It's just a kind of statistic data. And, you might see the earnings in report is always **estimated,** because your real earnings will due to some other facts, for example:  If you have 8 clicks in a month, at the end of the month Google will check your clicks and found one of the clicks is a double-click, this click will be considered as invalid, then it will be ignored. So your final earnings should from 7 clicks. Another example: we have talked the **PPC (Pay per Click)** , there is another AdSense Ads – **Pay per 1000 views**. These ads will displayed and Pay per 1000 views, you will not get earn each time they click. you only know the real earn at the end of each month.