To whom is trying to buy the domain xxEnglish dot com


This post is for the potential buyer who has made an offer recently. I am the owner of xxEnglish dot com and I have received an email notification about your offer.

Since the trade platform does not allow me to fill any comment for the following reason:

Please note: This bid thread was initiated through our SedoMLS Partner GoDaddy. This partner is not supporting the display of comments at this point in time. Unfortunately this means you can't enter a comment with your offer for this name. We apologize for the inconvenience, we are looking to add this feature in the future.

image so let me post message here. I wish the buyer can read my message: Firstly thank you for your offer, but please know I actually did not have any selling plan about this domain. Also, since I did not host my domain on that trade platform (website), so the fee which they will charge is much. For example, if somebody offer $60, I will only get $10, the $50 will be taken by the trading business company. image Please read their policy below: _This buyer was referred by our SedoMLS partner GoDaddy. Sales referred through our global SedoMLS Promotion Channel are subject to a 20% commission (minimum fee of 50 USD applies). If you sell this domain for 60 USD, Sedo’s sales commission will be 50 USD and you will earn 10 USD._ image So, sorry, please understand, I can not accept your offer, or, I have to ask much more than your original offer, so that I can get reasonable earning after their fee. Thanks!