GoGoToTo Alexa Rank Today Feb 09 2016


GoGoToTo.com website did not get good maintain in passed 8 years or even longer time, we are not professional bloggers, we did not update the website regularly either. so GoGoToTo is still a small website after almost 9 years. We know there are lots of good blogger has made their blog website from nothing to be a giant in 8 years. such as Harsh Agrawal, compared to him, we are so failed and lost !

OK, let’s go back the topic, the website Alexa rank today. We had a best Alexa rank at 1,110,038 which was happened on 2011 July. It is 1,918,259 today, which is a disappoint number.


However, we have something good, the rank was actually jumping up 685,529 in around 2 or 3 weeks, I remember the rank was below 2.2M at least couple weeks ago. Why it jumped up because we came back to maintain the website and keep updating the blogs, which was good to us.

Also, we have other data like below, the Bounce rate, page views, and daily time are all turning to good numbers.

image We should insist to maintain our GoGoToTo. Come on GoGoToTo !