Force to Use Credit Card Method in PayPal


Normally you have at least 2 different payment method are binding in your PayPal, the one is debit bank account, another one is credit card.

When you set your bank account and credit card in your PayPal, normally the payment will choose your PayPal balance first, and then credit card, and then bank account.

In some case, for example, your credit card expired, then PayPal will charge money from bank account, here we might get problem: if your bank account balance is 0 or less than the payment amount, your debit bank might charge you extra money for a fine due to their own policy, then your PayPal payment failed, also you get bank fine. That is headache problem.

So for this case we’d better force our PayPal charge money from Credit Card always.

How to do it ?

1: Login to your PayPal account, select Profile menu and click;

Note: Just click Profile, DO NOT select sub menus which in the list.

image 2: In Profile Window, Select **My Money**, and choose **Update** link for **My preapproved payments:** image 3: Now we see My preapproved payments screen like following, please click the link “**Set Available Funding Sources**” image 4: Now we can adjust our funding sources, for example, Check off any Bank Account option, save it, then your future payment will ONLY charged from Credit Card. image image