You Might Be Eligible for OHIP Even Your Application of Permanent Resident Is In Process

In this article we are not going to discuss some known people such as “protected person”, “foreign skilled worker with a legal work permit” in Canada who are really eligible for OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan).

We want to talk about the family class people who are sponsored by their family members who own legal identity in Canada.


The question:

For example, your parents, who are sponsored by you, but they are still waiting for the result of Application of Permanent Residence in Canada. Are your parents eligible for OHIP ?

The answer is Quite Might be.

Please read Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care official issued information:

Changes to OHIP Eligibility

Effective April 1, 2009, the OHIP eligibility rules under Regulation 552 of the Health Insurance Act have been amended.  These changes may impact your eligibility for OHIP coverage if you belong to one of the following groups:

Persons who have submitted an Application for Permanent Residence to Citizenship and Immigration Canada

(more detail)

OHIP Eligibility

Am I eligible for Ontario health insurance coverage?

You may be eligible for the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) if you are included under one of the following categories:

you have submitted an application for permanent residence in Canada, and Citizenship and Immigration Canada has confirmed that you meet the eligibility requirements to apply for permanent residence in Canada ;

(More detail)

What document that you should have when you apply OHIP?
please see here.

According above information, as long as your sponsorship approved by CIC, and Your parent’s application for permanent residence has already submitted to CIC, and you’d better received the file number (some people mentioned if another letter about Medical Exam notify received will be much better and should be more helpful to get OHIP), then you have big chance to get the OHIP for your parents.

The following are some related real cases which we found from internet:

1: … This is what you should do. (1) Go to OHIP office, and take the documents OHIP required, of which is the sponsorship approved by CIC, and the AOR of sponsored immigration application. (2) Fax to OHIP Review committee. This is the letter:

Dear OHIP Eligibility Review Committer officer,
My Name: XXX
My Home Address: XXX Ontario, Canada.
My Home Phone#: XXXX
I am applying for the sponsored immigration application as a permanent resident in Canada, the sponsorship was approved by CIC (see apendix ), the immigration application was submitted at XXX, and the immigration application is STILL in process.
I went to the OHIP office in XXXfor OHIP Eligibility Assessment, and the result is NO, which I disagree. So I request the review.
The law: Regulation 552: Health Insurance Act
5. Being a person who has submitted an application for permanent residence in Canada to the proper federal government authority, even if the application has not yet been approved, as long as Citizenship and Immigration Canada has confirmed that the person meets the eligibility requirements to apply for permanent residency in Canada, and the application has not yet been denied.
Please note: The key words: ” the person meets the eligibility requirements to apply for…”
Because the sponsorship immigration application is the “Two Stage Application, i.e. (1) Sponsorship application, (2) Sponsored Immigration Application”, so, as long as the sponsorship is approved by CIC (see Appendix ), then the immigration applicant is ELIGIBLE TO APPLY FOR the immigration application. (please note: “eligible for immigration” is NOT the requirement.)
Thanks…. (from RoadToCanada)

2:Yeah, we won—Fighting with OHIP LOCAL Office

Like what I described earlier last month, I took my parents to OHIP Lawrence/Warden office to get their OHIP coverage, but only my father got his, and mom’s application was turned down.
So I wrote a letter to OHIP Eligibility Review Committee in Kingston, attached all supporting documents, and requested for a review. I also criticized the bad service we had experienced at the local office, and defined the front line worker as "arrogant and ignorant and not listening to the clients".
Guess what? Yesterday I got a phone call from a Policy Support Representative from Kingston, she apologized to me for the wrong conduct of the local office, and encouraged me to take my mom one more time to the local office to get her OHIP card. She said in case anyone would give us hard time, just give them her directly line and she would deal with them seriously. She provided me with her full name, her title and her direct number.
I am so happy that I stood up for ourselves this time. See, we all need to fight for our rights. Being silent and obedient sometimes make us look so weak and stupid. Having said all that, of course you have to know what you are doing, and do your homework before voicing it up. (from Rolia)



5: My parents applied their PR at Buffalo. I took them to the OHIP office at Oakville. The document I provided is the letter from Buffalo stating it had completed the initial assessment for their PR application and required medical exam. The second requirement from OHIP is proof of residence. I provided the insurance policy I purchased for my parents as proof of residence. The third requirement is your parents should be present. (link)



So, do not wait for too long, just try your case.

Good luck!