Windows Live Writer is Open Source as Open Live Writer

Many many bloggers in this world are using Microsoft free Windows Live Writer as their blog website’s offline editor tool. They love it very much, and Windows Live Writer has been the best blog offline editor for free in the world.

But after Microsoft released Windows Live Writer 2012, they no more had newer version, no more updated the Writer. Until the 2015 Dec, a great news came to all bloggers on Dev 09, 2015: Microsoft announced they open sourced Windows Live Writer. There were also a group of volunteers who came from Microsoft and other places would maintain the open source Writer, which they called the project as Open Live Writer, using their spare time.

You can download OLW from the official website which I mentioned above,When installed the OLW, I saw the possible new interface such as the following one, but I am not sure whether it is a new one since I can not remember how the installation of old Windows Liver Writer;


Also, the installation was very fast, seems it removed heavy content which mostly not needed;

Current OLW is still on 0.5 version, there is no obvious interface changing: