Windows Laptop: No Speaker Sound After Connect to External Monitor using HDMI ?

(Updated in March 03, 2016) Sometimes we get issues on computer speaker sound, the one case is when you connect the laptop to an external HDMI monitor.

The main content below was written in Jan 20. 1990;

The last time we talked about how laptop connects an external monitor using HDMI and without lip keeping on open.  However, you might find you could not listen to music through the laptop speaker after you connected.

Why does the Speak not Work after Connecting to external Monitor ?

The reason is that if you connect the laptop to external monitor using a DHMI cable, Windows (at least in Windows 8.1) system will set the sound playback device to the external monitor by default since it found the HDMI cable which suppose both of Video and Audio should be transferred,  Windows see the external monitor as the main audio device.

If our monitor came with a speaker inside it, we can just use the external monitor to listen to our music directly. However, we should know there is not all monitor hold a inside speak, you still have to use the speaker which in on the laptop.

How to change back audio device to laptop speaker?

So we should change the default sound playback device to laptop speaker if you have to use laptop speaker:

Here is the sample on Windows 8.1:

1: User Search to find the Sound program on Windows 8.1 (If in Windows 7 just go to Control panel to find Sound icon or audio icon)


2: Now we see the Sound setting window, we see current sound playback device is the external monitor, not the speakers, that is why we did not hear sound through laptop speakers, we just set the speaker as the default playback device by click Set Default button.


Now you should be able to use your laptop speaker.