What is My Cloud EX2 Ultra Device Local URL ?

Normally if we combined our My Cloud device with MyCloud.com online account, we can using MyCloud.com website account to access to local MyCloud devices. However, in our local network area, we have multiple users to access the My Cloud devices, some of them do not have an MyCloud.com account (they are only arranged local device accounts), so how can they do?

Normally, from local computer, we can visit My Cloud device’s local IP address directly, for example, we have the My Cloud EX2 Ultra, its local IP address 192.168.1 31, we can visit the IP address directly.

However, the IP address might not be easy to remember. so My Cloud EX2 Ultra has an build in local domain name:

Windows: http://mycloudex2ultra/
Mac OSX: http://mycloudex2ultra.local/

Then we can use above link to access our local My Cloud EX2 Ultra.