Web browsers in 2016, Chrome or IE with Edge ?

Which web browser are you using now ? Which web browser do you use often ? Did you realize your computerize works’ habits have been changed a lot quietly ? For example, you might already changed your default web browser ?

What Web Browser did You Use Before ?

There are several major web browsers in this world currently:

IE (Microsoft)
Chrome (Google)
Firefox (Mozilla)
Safari (Apple)
Opera (Opera)
Edge (Microsoft)

If you used computer and visited websites before 2012 or 2013, you might be using IE as your major web browser, or you might be using other web browsers but IE was still the one of you had to use often. At least, we had to use IE to handle our online bank things since lots of banks had not supported Chrome web browser well.

What Was Changing in Pasted Years ?

However, after 2012, the web browser market share was changed a lot. Google’s Chrome was more and more popular. Since Google released the first public version of Chrome in 2008, we had posted the Google Browser is firstly released message at almost the same time, we have also been knowing how Chrome was fast growing up and strong  and how it was overtaking all other web browsers competitors. (We have more blogs which was about “Chrome”)

We reported that Google Browser overtook IE and got the No.1 web browser market share in the world due to StatCounter’s data in 2012, we also shared our idea which was abut how the data collected by StatCount ( check this blog if you have not read previously ).

How is The Situation Today ?

There are still 2 popular web data statistic websites now, StatCounter and NetMarketShare. But they always give us very different statistic result.

Due to StatCounter’s result, Chrome overtook IE to became the No.1 web browser in the world in 2012. Now, Chrome is still going up, but IE is keeping down, and might to die one day.

Actually Microsoft has already announced they would not improve IE but replaced with Microsoft Edge web browser. But it is too early to compare how the Edge is due to few customer’s feedbacks. But according to current status, looks Edge is still hard to compete with Chrome.


(Data from StatCounter)

However, due to NetMarketShare’s data, Chrome never caught up with IE in the world wide. the below is the trending data until 2016 Jan.


(Data from NetMarketShare)


Which company gives us more accurate data on earth ? Nobody can tell us the real data, maybe you will have to collect your own statistic data. But, do you think it is reasonable if we rely on a company’s scale or size ? If yes, then we might have a way to compare StatCounter and NetMarketShare simply: just compare their websites’ Alexa Traffic ranks. see below:

StatCounter: 755
NetMarketShare: 88,968

It is still early of 2016, so let’s wait for more time, we will continue to watch the Web Browser Market Share data, maybe we will have another report next year.